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Stiller Feels Heartbreak as Flick Takes 2nd

Farrelly Brothers romp can't break Rock-solid The Game Plan

(Newser) - Ben Stiller stumbled with The Heartbreak Kid this weekend, a weak opening compared to his recent efforts. A mere $14 million return held it at 2nd behind a still-strong The Game Plan, which raked in $16.3 million in a moderate 29% drop. The Rock's vehicle has earned $42.8... More »

Rock Scores With Game Plan

Geopolitical shoot-'em-up The Kingdom takes second at weekend box office

(Newser) - Disney blitzed the weekend box office with The Game Plan, a PG comedy that outscored Universal's geopolitical shoot-'em-up, The Kingdom, $22.7 million to $17.7 million. They held a near-tie until Game Plan pulled away with a 63% increase on Saturday and Sunday. Variety reports that a third wide... More »

As Serious Film, 'Kingdom' Falls

Unrealistic action movie doesn't carry the weight it wants to, critics say

(Newser) - The Kingdom, starring Jamie Foxx and directed by Peter Berg, wants to be a thoughtful action movie about terrorism—part Rambo, part Syriana, muses the Washington Post. Instead, Newsday says, it's a “clamorous and patronizing” popcorn flick, that EW calls “shameless” in pushing audiences’ buttons. More »

3 Stories