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Things Not to Love About Christmas

Shopping, fruitcake, eggnog, carols ... no, thanks

(Newser) - Peace on earth is all well and good, but this whole business of needing "a little Christmas" has gotten out of hand, grouses Dodai Stewart of Jezebel . She lists 10 things that are rubbing her the wrong way:
  • Eggnog: "Disgusting."
  • Fruitcake: "See previous item."
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Fruitcake Gets a Facelift

This maligned holiday tradition is winning converts with less fruit—and more spirits

(Newser) - What's a sinfully rich dessert that’s been around since the Middle Ages—and some say tastes about that old? Fruitcake, capable of producing “ahs!” or ”arghs!” in a single bite, has gotten a makeover. The new recipe: less fruit—especially those compacted bits of garishly... More »

2 Stories