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Zimbabwe Unity Government Divided Over 2 Key Posts

Attorney General, Bank Chief positions cause deadlock; mediators called in

(Newser) - The appointment of two key officials has become a sticking point in the tenuous power-sharing agreement between Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, Reuters reports. The rivals can’t agree on an attorney general or central bank chief, and Tsvangirai has called upon the Southern African Development... More »

Zimbabwe Frees Cabinet Nom From Prison

Opposition figure was jailed despite power-sharing deal

(Newser) - A Zimbabwean cabinet nominee from Morgan Tsvangirai's party was released from custody today, a day after the country's supreme court ordered his release on bail. Roy Bennett, Tsvangirai's nominee for agriculture secretary in the new unity government, was arrested last month and charged with plotting terrorism, sabotage, and other crimes.... More »

Palestinian PM Steps Down to Pave Way for Power Share

Move aimed at easing Palestinian reconciliation

(Newser) - Palestine’s prime minister submitted his resignation today, a move that could help pave the way for an elusive power-sharing deal between Fatah moderates and Hamas militants. Salam Fayyad's decision was meant to build confidence before Palestinian reconciliation talks resume Tuesday in Cairo. He was appointed by Western-backed Palestinian President... More »

Tsvangirai Sworn In as Zimbabwe PM

Amid skepticism, former opposition leader joins Mugabe

(Newser) - Morgan Tsvangirai, whose Movement for Democratic Change has fought Robert Mugabe for years, joined forces with his rival today as the new prime minister of Zimbabwe, reports the Times of London. Tsvangirai's decision to bring his party into the government has dismayed many pro-democracy leaders, and international leaders have grown... More »

Zimbabwe Opposition OKs Power-Sharing Plan

Tsvangirai will be PM starting Feb. 11

(Newser) - In a “leap of faith” settlement, Zimbabwe’s opposition leader has agreed to a power-sharing plan after months of political turmoil, the BBC reports. Morgan Tsvangirai will become prime minister on Feb. 11 while Robert Mugabe remains president under a new timetable brokered by a southern African coalition. “... More »

Africa Must Oust Mugabe: Kenyan PM

Power-sharing isn't working in Zimbabwe, Odinga says

(Newser) - Zimbabwe’s unity government is a sham, and the only way to break the deadlock is to force President Robert Mugabe to resign, Kenya’s prime minister said today. “Power-sharing will not work with a dictator who does not really believe in power-sharing,” Raila Odinga told the BBC.... More »

Zimbabwe Leaders Sign Landmark Deal

Tsvangirai will become prime minister as parties come together

(Newser) - Zimbabwe's rival political parties signed their landmark power-sharing deal today, in which Robert Mugabe will remain president while Morgan Tsvangirai will take on the new position of prime minister. The two factions of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change will receive a majority of cabinet posts, including the ministries responsible... More »

Hezbollah Included in Lebanon Unity Government

Militant group gets one cabinet slot among 16 for opposition in move to calm strife

(Newser) - Lebanon’s political factions finally formed a unity government today, Reuters reports, with militant group Hezbollah included in the coalition formed after weeks of wrangling. With Hezbollah and its allies effectively holding veto power, it appears Syria—long allied with the militants—will regain some of the dominance it long... More »

South Africa Offers Zimbabwe Truce Proposal

Opposition welcomes plan ceding real power to Tsvangirai as PM

(Newser) - South African president Thabo Mbeki has proposed a compromise in Zimbabwe’s political crisis: Let Robert Mugabe remain president in name, but hand power to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai as temporary prime minister, the Guardian reports. Members of opposition party Movement for Democratic Change were said to be largely satisfied... More »

Kenya Announces Shared Cabinet

Prez names opposition leader PM

(Newser) - Calling for Kenyans to "put politics aside and get to work," president Mwai Kibaki named chief opposition leader Raila Odinga prime minister today in a move to end political strife with a power-sharing cabinet. The 40-member cabinet, including two deputy PMs, was divided evenly between the two parties,... More »

Deal Reached in Kenyan Crisis

Analysts remain skeptical, noting past attempts at accord

(Newser) - Kenya’s election crisis may finally be over. President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga today reached a deal on a new cabinet, the BBC reports, ending the dispute that has long delayed a February power-sharing deal. The new cabinet will be announced tomorrow and should be in place... More »

Kenyan Leaders Reach Deal

Annan says rivals have come to terms to end post-election crisis

(Newser) -  Kenya’s feuding leaders have finally reached a power sharing deal, Kofi Annan announced today after a four-hour meeting. Annan said he could not yet release details, but the deal is expected to spell out duties for the prime minister position to be created for opposition leader Raila Odinga,... More »

Kenya Stalemate Frustrates Negotiators

Stonewalling by Kenya rivals paralyzing talks

(Newser) - Kenya's peace talks have ground to a standstill and the task of coaxing the country's two rival parties into an agreement is beginning to try even the patience of former UN secretary-general and lead negotiator Kofi Annan, reports the BBC. The two sides cannot agree on a power-sharing deal and... More »

Kenya Agrees to Create PM Post

Power-sharing deal would prevent new round of violence

(Newser) - Kenya’s government agreed today to create a prime minister position for opposition leader  Raila Odinga—the narrow loser in a disputed election for president in December—in an effort to prevent a new round of violence from tearing the African nation apart. The details are still being hashed out,... More »

Pakistanis Protest Court Ruling

Journalists, lawyers clash with police over decision allowing Musharraf to seek another term

(Newser) - Protests broke out in Pakistan today after lawmakers approved Pervez Musharraf's run for re-election. Protesters, led by journalists and lawyers. clashed with police, who hurled tear gas and brandished riot batons outside a federal building. At least 3 demonstrators were hospitalized and 2 journalists arrested after the melee, CNN reports. More »

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