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Russians Vote for New Prez

Medvedev is Putin's hand-picked heir

(Newser) - Russians headed to the polls today to vote for a successor to President Vladimir Putin in what was expected to be rubber-stamp support for his hand-picked heir. Though voters have a choice, Putin aide Dmitry Medvedev faces no serious opposition. "I'm in a good mood. Spring is here,"... More »

Kasparov Won't Run for Russian Prez

Gov't foiled opposition's nominating meetings

(Newser) - Former chess champ and Russian opposition leader Garry Kasparov won't be running for president this March, but not for lack of trying: Other Russia, his political party, was unable to book a Moscow conference hall due to government pressure on landlords, said his spokeswoman. Today is the last day Russian... More »

Observers Cry Foul Over Putin Victory

Monitors say gov't tampered with polls Kasparov calls 'dirtiest'

(Newser) - Even as Vladimir Putin hailed his party's decisive victory in Russian elections yesterday as a mandate, international elections observers said the polling was neither free nor fair, and complained of government interference. State employees were reportedly ordered to vote for Putin, CNN reports, and Garry Kasparov’s Other Russia party... More »

Russian Police Detain Kasparov

Riot police disperse a rally by the Other Russia opposition coalition

(Newser) - Russian police seized opposition leader and former chess champion Garry Kasparov today at a rally in Moscow protesting the fairness of upcoming elections, the BBC reports. Authorities arrested Kasparov and other leaders of the Other Russia coaltion when they broke through police lines to march toward the election commission. "... More »

Kasparov in Presidential Gambit

Former world chess champ maneuvering to replace Putin

(Newser) - Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov has been overwhelmingly chosen by an opposition coalition to run for president of Russia when Vladimir Putin's current term ends next March, reports the Daily Telegraph. His place on the ballot is not guaranteed until he registers, a process likely to be checked by... More »

5 Stories