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Arrest of Woman Who Died in Custody Caught on Tape

Police release video of Carol Gotbaum screaming, resisting arrest

(Newser) - Phoenix police yesterday released airport surveillance footage of a woman clearly distraught and resisting arrest shortly before her death in a security holding cell. The silent video shows Carol Gotbaum doubled over and apparently screaming as passengers stare. She struggles with police called to the scene and locks her legs... More »

Woman Dies in Custody After Airport Arrest

New York mother of three missed flight, lost composure

(Newser) - A 45-year-old mother of three from a prominent New York family died in police custody yesterday after being arrested for disorderly conduct at the Phoenix airport. Carol Ann Gotbaum became agitated after missing her flight—the door was locked when she arrived at the gate—and was subdued and removed... More »

2 Stories