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Ukraine's Orange Bloc Takes 'Victory'

Pro-East PM nabs biggest single share, may win posts

(Newser) - The Ukraine's Orange Bloc has won enough seats to form a government, says an unofficial finally tally. East-leaning PM Viktor Yanukovych's party reaped the biggest vote share and could win cabinet posts, but the president says he will not negotiate "a broad coalition," the BBC reports. "I... More »

Orange Alliance Claims Win in Ukraine

Dynamic, pro-Western Yulia Tymoshenko leading close electon

(Newser) - Yulia Tymoshenko, former prime minister and tempestuous ally to Orange Revolution leader Victor Yushchenko, has claimed victory in yesterday's Ukrainian parliamentary election. In votes counted so far, she’s won 33.15% of the vote, to current PM Viktor Yanukovych’s 31.02%, and plans to form a coalition government... More »

2 Stories