Viktor Yanukovich

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Ex-Trump Campaign Chief Accused of Hiding Payment

Ukraine lawmaker says he has found secret invoice

(Newser) - Paul Manafort, the Trump campaign manager who stepped down last summer amid controversy over his ties to a pro-Russia party in Ukraine, is facing a fresh allegation of hiding secret payments. Ukraine lawmaker Serhiy Leshchenko has published a contract and invoice supposedly from Manafort, a former adviser to pro-Russia former... More »

Mystery in Ukraine: Where Is the Golden Loaf?

Symbol of corruption now symbol of incompetence

(Newser) - In Ukraine, a symbol of the corruption of the ousted Viktor Yanukovich has disappeared and is now a symbol of the new regime's failure to deal with the legacy of that corruption, the Wall Street Journal reports. The "golden loaf"—a golden replica of a loaf of... More »

Putin Recalls Troops From Ukraine Border

As a presidential frontrunner emerges in Ukraine

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin has called on Russian troops near the border with Ukraine to head back to permanent bases, a move which could reduce regional tensions—if Russia actually follows through, the BBC reports. It's not the first time Russia has issued such a statement , and in the past, NATO... More »

Separatists Declare Part of Ukraine Independent

Buildings in 3 cities in eastern Ukraine seized

(Newser) - Crimea first, eastern Ukraine next? Pro-Russia protesters last night seized government buildings in the cities of Kharkiv, Luhansk, and Donetsk in Ukraine's largely Russian-speaking east, waving Russian flags and demanding a referendum on joining Russia, reports Reuters. In Donetsk, separatists have dubbed the region an independent republic, and have... More »

Ukraine Accuses Police 'Black Unit' of Mass Murder

12 members of Berkut riot police detained

(Newser) - Ukraine has arrested 12 riot police on suspicion that they gunned down peaceful protesters in Kiev during the demonstrations that led to the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovich. More than 100 people were killed in the protests, and the since-disbanded Berkut police force has long been considered responsible. The 12... More »

Ousted Prez: Ukraine Gov't a 'Gang of Fascists,' Civil War Looms

Crimea parliament adopts 'declaration of independence'

(Newser) - Ousted Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich blasted his country's new government today as a "gang of fascists," saying that it was paving the way toward civil war. Speaking from Russia, Yanukovich said he was still commander-in-chief and that "I will be back in Kiev," and called... More »

272 Protesters Have Vanished in Ukraine

Fears persist that they may have been 'disappeared'

(Newser) - Since protests started in Ukraine last December, 661 people have been reported missing—and 272 are still unaccounted for as of last week. This even after opposition members have been given the go-ahead to look for them in prisons, morgues, and hospitals. The figure comes courtesy of Euromaidan SOS , whose... More »

Putin: We Reserve Right to Use Force in Ukraine

Doing so would be legit, because Yanukovich asked for such help

(Newser) - Vladmir Putin today addressed the situation in Ukraine in no uncertain terms, stating that Russia has no intention of annexing Crimea or using force in the region, but that it "will do so as a last resort. Russia reserves the right to use all means to protect citizens in... More »

Pro-Russia Forces Fire Warning Shots in Crimea

Putin orders troops on exercises back to base

(Newser) - A supposed Russian deadline for Ukrainian troops to get out of the Crimea region passed today without incident, though what appear to be the first shots of the crisis were fired at an air base in the region this morning, reports the AP . Pro-Russian troops who have seized the Ukrainian... More »

Russian Invasion? Gunmen Blockade Crimea Airports

Ukraine says it is 'military invasion and occupation'

(Newser) - More ominous developments in Crimea: Armed men have blockaded two airports in the peninsula, a day after pro-Russian gunmen took control of the regional parliament building . There are conflicting reports on who the airport gunmen are and whether they have actually taken control of the airports. At the airport in... More »

Pro-Russia Gunmen Seize Crimea Parliament

Hoist Russian flag over barricade

(Newser) - Ukraine puts its police on high alert after dozens of heavily armed pro-Russia gunmen stormed and seized control of government buildings in Ukraine's Crimea region early today and raised a Russian flag over a barricade. The men occupying the local parliament building did not immediately voice any demands but... More »

Report: Yanukovich Surfaces in Russia

As Ukraine names a new PM

(Newser) - Where in the world is Viktor Yanukovich? In Russia, if what the AP describes as a "respected Russian news organization" is to be believed. AP reports by way of RBK that the ousted leader is holed up just outside Moscow in the Barvikha sanatorium, which is run by... More »

Ukraine Breaks Up Elite Cop Unit Accused of Brutality

As hunt continues for ousted president Yanukovich

(Newser) - Ukraine's elite Berkut anti-riot police unit has been disbanded by the country's acting interior minister after the unit was accused of brutality and blamed for the deaths of protesters. Arsen Avakov said he will give more details about what will happen to the 4,000 to 5,000... More »

It Wasn't Civil War in Ukraine, It Was 'Revolution'

Filmmaker recounts scene when government set upon protesters

(Newser) - The deadly violence in Ukraine that culminated in the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovich began as "a peaceful demonstration," a protester and filmmaker identified only as Yana writes for CNN . It was the government that turned it into a slaughter in Kiev's main square, after reneging on... More »

New Gov't Delayed, Ukraine's Growing Fear Is a Split

As everyone tries to figure out where Yanukovich fled to

(Newser) - Viktor Yanukovich isn't the only thing absent in Kiev. There's also no new government, something that interim leader Oleksandr Turchinov had indicated would be in place today. That timeline has now been pushed to Thursday, with Turchinov saying more time was needed to ensure a "coalition of... More »

Found at Yanukovich's Opulent Estate: Soaked Files

Documents on activists, lavish spending found in the water

(Newser) - Ukraine's economy is in crisis, which makes the stories emerging about former President Viktor Yanukovich's water-feature-filled estate stand out all the more. Two main narratives, about what was found in the water, and what else was on the property:
  • Foreign Policy on Saturday reported on what protesters found
... More »

Ukraine Hunts Ex-Leader on Mass Murder Arrest Warrant

US warns Russia against intervention

(Newser) - Ousted Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovich is now officially a fugitive from justice, just two days after the country's parliament voted to remove him from office . The country's interim interior minister has issued an arrest warrant accusing the ex-leader of "mass murder of peaceful citizens" over the deaths... More »

Ukraine: 'A Dictatorship Has Fallen'

President leaves Kiev as protesters take HQ; Tymoshenko free

(Newser) - It's a day of fast-moving developments in Ukraine: The parliament voted to oust President Viktor Yanukovich, while he fled Kiev but vowed to stay in office. Meanwhile, his main political rival has been freed from prison after two years, declaring that " a dictatorship has fallen. " It's... More »

Ukraine to Release Former Prime Minister

Yulia Tymoshenko has been in jail 2 years

(Newser) - Ukraine's newly empowered parliament has voted to allow the release of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko after more than two years in prison. Legislators voted 310-54 to decriminalize the count under which she was imprisoned, meaning that she is no longer guilty of a criminal offense. "Free Yulia!... More »

Ukraine Opposition Signs Peace Deal, But... remains to be seen whether protesters accept the deal

(Newser) - Ukraine's opposition leaders today signed an international deal with the country's president intended to end battles between police and protesters that have killed scores and injured hundreds , the AP reports. President Viktor Yanukovich's office stated earlier that the government and the opposition had agreed to initial the... More »

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