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Jack White Cuts 'Fastest' Single

Cuts live version of 'Lazaretto' in 3 hours, 55 minutes

(Newser) - At 10am yesterday, Jack White took the stage in Nashville, thanking the crowd for joining him "for breakfast." Less than four hours later, White had in his hot little hands the so-called "World's Fastest Released Record"—a hot-off-the-presses recording of two live songs that he... More »

Now on eBay: Entire Record Store, $482K

On the Beat Records opened in 1979

(Newser) - With the holidays coming, here's a gift for the music fan who has everything: How about an entire record store? On the Beat Records, in London, is going for some $482,000 on eBay. It's "a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live the High Fidelity life!" the posting... More »

Vinyl LPs Make a New Sound: Cha-Ching!

Record sales spike 90% despite digital music, recession

(Newser) - The crackling, old-fashioned sound of vinyl LPs is back, the Los Angeles Times reports. Defying the digital music craze, record sales spiked nearly 90% last year and fueled a boom in brick-and-mortar music stores across LA. Why the uptick in a bad economy? Majestic artwork, the fun of LP-flipping, and—... More »

Indie Music Outlets Get Their Own Day

(Newser) - Some big-name acts are getting behind Record Store Day, tomorrow’s celebration of independent music stores that have become an endangered species in the Internet age, USA Today reports. “We touched a nerve. So many people are passionate about record stores,” says a rep of the industry group... More »

10 Businesses Not Long for This World

Say goodbye to retail categories overtaken by modern reality

(Newser) - New technology is changing the business landscape as once-profitable ventures like record stores and used book shops close their doors forever. bets against 10 businesses that it says will be extinct by 2017:
  1. Record stores
  2. Camera film manufacturing
  3. Crop dusters
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5 Stories