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World's 4 Worst, Least-Known Dictators

Meet 'Europe's last dictator' and the guy with 15 wives

(Newser) - Kim Jong Un is a terrible , murderous despot , but he's not the only Dr. Evil on the block. Ozy runs through some of the equally ruthless dictators who you've likely never heard of:
  • Alexander Lukashenko: The Belarusian president Condi Rice once called "Europe's last dictator" just
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Eritrea Coup Attempt Fails

Rebel soldiers take over state TV

(Newser) - Rebelling soldiers in the tiny African country of Eritrea briefly took control of state-run television yesterday, reportedly seeking to wrest control of the country from its president of 20 years. But government troops shut down the effort, which failed to spark like action from the country's people. President Isaias... More »

African Nation's Response to Aid: No, Thanks

Eritrea refuses food and money, raising worries over isolation

(Newser) - Eritrea, one of the world's poorest nations, has a novel response to offers of foreign aid: refusal. President Isaias Afwerki argues that African nations that accept money from the World Bank or food from the UN are "crippled societies." In a time of global connection, the LA Times ... More »

3 Stories