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Report: Russian News Agency Under FBI Investigation

Ex-WH correspondent for Sputnik reportedly turned over thousands of files to bureau

(Newser) - There are plenty of investigations happening on Russia, but a new one may have just been added to the pile. Yahoo News says it learned the FBI is poking around to get info on Sputnik, the news agency funded by the Russian government, with one of the FBI's lines... More »

Video Reveals How Fast We've Amassed Space Junk

In just 60 years, Earth has become surrounded by 500K pieces of debris

(Newser) - More than 500,000 known objects are orbiting planet Earth, and around 20,000 of them are at least as big as a softball, reports NASA . Now a University College London professor has used data from space-track.org to create a video to help us visualize how quickly that space... More »

Stewart: Call That a Sputnik Moment?

Daily Show host offers his take on State of the Union

(Newser) - Jon Stewart found plenty to poke fun at in President Obama's State of the Union address—and the rebuttals. The Daily Show host homed in on Obama's "Night of Too Many Promises," specifically the president's claim that now is a " Sputnik moment ." "I'm with you!... More »

Obama Brings Call for Innovation to 'Sputnik' Town

President reinforces message in Wisconsin

(Newser) - The day after calling for Americans to double down on innovation and seize what he has dubbed the new "Sputnik moment," President Obama reinforced his message in the small town of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. The choice of town in the pivotal electoral state is doubly significant, as Obama delivered... More »

Pentagon Inventing Group Hits 50, Looks to Next Strides

Freewheeling DARPA helped create the Internet

(Newser) - A small Defense Department agency credited with inventing the Internet and rockets that sent men to the moon is turning 50, the Washington Post reports, and is fine-tuning its next innovations. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's work spans biology, satellites and aircraft; it has no permanent labs and its... More »

50 Highs and Lows Since Sputnik

Time counts down the top moments in space exploration

(Newser) - Since Sputnik’s launch, space exploration has gone through some dizzying highs and tragic lows. Time recounts the top moments, replete with triumphs like John Glenn’s first earth orbit, tragic lows like the death of the Apollo 1 crew, and the many missteps in between – like the Soviets... More »

Space Race Goes Private

Branson, tech peers are 21st century answer to NASA

(Newser) - Today’s wildest-eyed entrepreneurs were kids when Sputnik launched 50 years ago today, and they’re picking up the government’s slack by taking their inspiration spaceward. Men who made millions in technology are privatizing spaceflight, even egging each other on to compete: Google is offering $20 million to the... More »

Sputnik Ignited Era of Discovery

(Newser) - In an era when billionaire tourists book rides in spaceships, launching a basketball-sized satellite into outer space might seem mundane. But when the Russians put Sputnik into orbit 50 years ago today, it kicked off much more than a Cold War competition. It signalled the start of an electrifying era... More »

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