Barbara Bush

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Jenna Bush Spills 'Wait, What?!' Secret on Grandma Barbara

Former first lady apparently only has 8 toes

(Newser) - If someone were to ever put together a biography on former first lady Barbara Bush entitled Everything You Never Knew (and Didn't Necessarily Want to Know) About Barbara Bush, it would now have to include a rather odd factoid supplied by her own granddaughter. The Hill reports that Jenna... More »

Good Health News for Both Bushes

Barbara leaves hospital, while George is leaving ICU

(Newser) - A double dose of good news for the elders of the Bush family: Barbara Bush, 91, is out of the hospital, and husband George HW, 92, is about to leave ICU, reports the AP . The former president was admitted to Houston Methodist Hospital on Jan. 14 because of breathing trouble,... More »

Barbara Bush Now Hospitalized, Too

After experiencing fatigue and coughing

(Newser) - Barbara Bush was hospitalized Wednesday morning, soon after husband George HW Bush's own hospitalization . Per ABC 13 , Barbara Bush experienced fatigue and coughing and was admitted to Houston Methodist Hospital as a precaution. A Bush spokesperson also tells the station the former president, who was initially described as "... More »

At Clinton Fundraiser, Dubya's Daughter

Barbara Bush poses with Huma Abedin, looks like latest in GOP dynasty leaning Clinton

(Newser) - The latest member of the Bush dynasty to unsubtly diss Donald Trump is former first daughter Barbara Pierce Bush, the daughter of George W. and namesake of his mother: The younger Bush appeared at a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in Paris on Saturday, reports CNN . Bush wasn't exactly coy... More »

Trump Calls Out Bush for Having His 'Mommy' Fight His Battles

Barbara Bush says she's 'sick' of Trump

(Newser) - It appears we're one step away from seeing an outbreak of "yo mama" jokes in the GOP presidential race. "Wow, Jeb Bush, whose campaign is a total disaster, had to bring in mommy to take a slap at me," Donald Trump tweeted Saturday. "Not nice!... More »

Jeb Bush Rolls Out Mom, George W.

'I know his good heart and his strong backbone,' George W. says in ad

(Newser) - With the pivotal New Hampshire primary just days away, Jeb Bush has decided it's time to bring out more Bushes. Barbara Bush joined her son at a town hall meeting in the state Thursday night, where he became emotional while talking about his family, reports NBC News . The former... More »

Barbara Bush to Jeb: You Can Run, 'I Changed My Mind'

She sets the record straight

(Newser) - Remember a while back when Barbara Bush, pontificating about a Jeb 2016 candidacy, declared that there had already been "enough Bushes" in the White House? Well so does Team Jeb, apparently. And just to be safe, they got the Bush matriarch on board last night in a jokey set-up,... More »

Jeb Bush Might Defy Mom for 2016 Run

Former Fla. governor sending mixed signals

(Newser) - Jeb Bush could be fundraising, taking part in debates, and traveling around the country just for the heck of it—or the former Florida governor could actually be planning a 2016 presidential run. There have been increasing whispers about that long-anticipated 2016 Bush-Hillary Clinton battle as Jeb's advisers are... More »

Bush Daughter Backs Gay Marriage

Barbara Bush records ad for gay rights group

(Newser) - One of George Bush's twin daughters has added her voice to calls to legalize gay marriage in New York, Politico reports. "I’m Barbara Bush and I’m a New Yorker for marriage equality,” says the former first daughter, 29, in an ad for a gay rights advocacy... More »

Palin Swings Back at Barbara Bush

And she says to Michelle: Get off fat kids' backs

(Newser) - Sarah Palin managed to slight not one, but two First Ladies in an interview with conservative radio host Laura Ingraham. Asked if Barbara Bush's recent comment that she hopes Palin stays in Alaska shows that the GOP elite wants to "kneecap" her, Palin replied, "I don't think the... More »

Barbara Bush: I Didn't Put That Fetus in a Jar

She says family's longtime housekeeper actually did it

(Newser) - Another fun moment from Larry King's interview of George and Barbara Bush last night: Turns out it wasn't actually Barbara who put that fetus in a jar and showed it to her son. "Paula put it in the jar," she told King, referring to the family's housekeeper, and... More »

Bushes Really Love Bill Clinton

He's 'impossible to dislike,' she tells Larry King

(Newser) - No one can stay mad at Bill Clinton—not even the guy he kicked out of the White House. Poppy and Barbara Bush sang his praises on Larry King last night, Mediaite observes, with George touting their “really good personal relationship.” Barbara Bush admitted that it took her... More »

Barbara Bush: I Hope Palin Stays in Alaska

Weekly Standard zings her, too

(Newser) - Not much love for Sarah Palin from the Bush matriarch: Asked by Larry King her opinion, Bush responded, "I sat next to her once. Thought she was beautiful. And she's very happy in Alaska, and I hope she'll stay there." At least she was smiling when she said... More »

Bush: Mom Showed Me Her Miscarried Fetus

Moment helped prompt pro-life stance, says ex-president in Lauer chat

(Newser) - When George W. Bush’s mother suffered a miscarriage, she showed her teenage son the fetus in a jar—an event that pushed him toward his pro-life stance, he tells Matt Lauer in an interview set to air tonight. “There's no question that affected me, a philosophy that we... More »

Chelsea, Bush Twins: We Have Great First Kids

Hate their parents if you must, but not their offspring

(Newser) - Gail Collins doesn't want to hear any griping about Chelsea Clinton's wedding. "Let her have her day," she writes at the New York Times . She's "been a national public figure against her will since she was 12, and in all that time she has never embarrassed her... More »

Bush’s Daughter Glad Health Reform Passed

(Newser) - Barbara Bush, daughter of George W. Bush, told Fox News yesterday that she was glad the Democrats' health care reform package passed, reports the Raw Story. "Health care should be a right for everyone," said the 28-year-old co-founder of a nonprofit promoting "health equity" in the US... More »

Doctors 'Puzzled' by Barbara Bush Illness

Former first lady has been hospitalized four days

(Newser) - Barbara Bush spent her fourth day in the hospital today, and doctors still can't figure out what's ailing her. "We are puzzled by the illness," one tells ABC News . He wouldn't elaborate on symptoms other than to say they're not life-threatening. But doctors don't want to release Bush... More »

Senior Bushes Will Skip Kennedy Funeral

43rd president will represent family at service

(Newser) - George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush won't attend Ted Kennedy's funeral tomorrow, the AP reports. All of the living presidents had been expected at the senator's service in Boston, but the 85-year-old Bush changed his mind after learning his son would be among the mourners, a rep says. Bush... More »

Barbara Bush Leaves Hospital

(Newser) - Barbara Bush was released from the hospital today, nine days after undergoing open-heart surgery, the Houston Chronicle reports. “This Friday the 13th turned out to be a lucky one,” said the former first lady. “I was able to go home with George, feeling healthy and strong.” More »

Barbara Bush 'Fine' After Heart Surgery

(Newser) - Barbara Bush underwent open-heart surgery today at a Houston hospital and is doing "fine" now, a family spokeswoman said. "In fact, she is awake." Doctors described the procedure as a cautionary measure after finding hardening on part of her aorta last week, reports CNN. Doctors replaced her... More »

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