Army snipers

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Pentagon Aims for Target-Seeking Bullet

'Can't miss' sniper round being developed

(Newser) - The Pentagon wants to develop a bullet that can change course in midflight to seek its target, Wired reports. The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency yesterday committed $22 million to producing the superbullet—"an actively controlled .50 caliber projectile that uses information for real time directional flight control"—... More »

Snipers Felt Pressured to Deliver Kills

Soldiers on trial: Army encouraged 'baiting' to increase body counts

(Newser) - Army commanders pressured their elite “Painted Demons” sniper unit to up the body count, say members standing trial for murder, leading them to plant evidence and “bait” Iraqis. “It felt like, ‘What are you guys doing wrong out there?’” one sniper told the LA Times.... More »

2 Stories