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Bomb Threats Reported at Schools in 18 States

Robocalls believed to be 'swatting' hoaxes

(Newser) - Schools across the nation were hit by a wave of robocall bomb threats Monday, closing buildings and forcing the evacuation of thousands of students, USA Today reports. Elementary, middle, and high schools in at least 18 states were targeted, and security expert Ken Trump says the automated calls seem to... More »

Pastor Who Sued Whole Foods Over Cake Admits Hoax

Pastor Jordan Brown alleged an employee wrote a gay slur in icing

(Newser) - The Texas pastor who sued an Austin Whole Foods over an "extremely offensive and humiliating" cake now admits the grocery story "did nothing wrong." Pastor Jordan Brown alleged a homophobic slur was written on his cake in icing beneath the words he had requested—"Love Wins.... More »

This Is the Hoaxer Behind Fake Uber Lawsuit

It's Jonathan Lee Riches, again

(Newser) - When a bizarre lawsuit supposedly filed by accused Kalamazoo shooter Jason Dalton made headlines this week, police pretty quickly declared it a hoax . After all, it came from Philadelphia, and Dalton is jailed in Michigan. So if it wasn't Dalton, then who impersonated him? The Smoking Gun has the... More »

Yale Grad Students Debunk 1951 Dinner-Party Legend

A hoax of mammoth proportions is revealed

(Newser) - The Explorers Club Annual Dinner in New York—now going on its 112th year —has long treated its guests to exotic food items, including in more recent years deep-fried tarantulas, goat eyeball martinis, and the barbecued sex organs of bulls, reports the Atlantic . But the most famous meal of... More »

Cops Follow Only Lead in School Threats

US man's email service subpoenaed

(Newser) - The search for the hoaxster behind the bomb threats that shut down schools in Los Angeles for a day has led investigators to an email service run by a Maine man—and he can't tell them much. Vincent Canfield, a 21-year-old who moved from Maine to Bucharest, Romania last... More »

Congressman: LA School Terror Threat Was a Hoax

The threat sent nearly 700K students home for the day

(Newser) - The emailed threat that closed hundreds of schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District on Tuesday is now being called a hoax, the Los Angeles Times reports. "The preliminary assessment is that it was a hoax or something designed to disrupt school districts in large cities," Rep.... More »

Cop Accused of Bomb, Shootout Hoaxes Found Dead

Massachusetts officer believed to have died by suicide

(Newser) - A sad end to a strange story: Bryan Johnson, a former police officer accused of calling in a bomb threat and faking a shootout earlier this year, was found dead in his Millis, Mass., home Thanksgiving morning—and authorities believe he died by his own hand, USA Today reports. The... More »

Memorable Facebook Name Isn't Real After All

Australian man reveals 'Phuc Dat Bich' was a hoax

(Newser) - As the Sydney Morning Herald puts it, Phuc Dat Bich "faked dat" name. The 23-year-old Australian who convinced the world that his awkward-sounding name had resulted in Facebook shutting down his account now says the whole thing was a hoax. He apparently spilled the beans after SBS News contacted... More »

That Facebook Privacy Post Is Baloney

2 posts spreading about privacy are hoaxes, says network

(Newser) - If you happen to see a legal-sounding post being shared across Facebook, steer clear. The post is just the latest hoax that began spreading on the social network on Monday, warning that unless users re-post the statement, Facebook will have access to their personal data and photos without their permission.... More »

'Elaborate Hoax' Alleged in NHL Star's Rape Case

DA says mysterious evidence bag was planted by accuser's mother

(Newser) - There's been another shocking revelation in what has already been a twisty week for the alleged rape case against hockey star Patrick Kane. Just two days after it was reported that the evidence bag that apparently once contained the alleged victim's rape kit was found open and abandoned... More »

Couple Takes On Cops Who Called Kidnapping a Hoax

Police allegedly told victim's attorney to watch Gone Girl

(Newser) - The California couple whose assault and kidnapping was publicly labeled a hoax by police filed a legal claim against the city of Vallejo and three police officers today alleging they "waged a vicious and shocking attack on two victims of a terrifying home invasion, kidnapping, and rape," NBC... More »

Sorry, Elton, Putin Didn't Invite You to Gay Parade

Phone call between singer, Russian president was a prank

(Newser) - "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart" will probably be set to "Repeat" on Elton John's playlist after he gets word he won't be going to Moscow at Vladimir Putin's invite after all. The singer has publicly said in the past he wants to engage... More »

Teen Fakes Triplet Pregnancy ... for 10 Months

She freaked out her boyfriend and received thousands of dollars in donations

(Newser) - After discovering his girlfriend was pregnant with triplets, a 16-year-old Michigan boy was prepared to do whatever he needed to do in order to be a father. "I started looking for jobs the best I could," a teen identified as Jordan tells FOX2 Detroit . "I was ready... More »

Florida Woman Lies to Skip Work, Gets Arrested for It

Beverly F. Brooks faked kidnapping to avoid returning to night shift: cops

(Newser) - A Florida woman is accused of making up a lie about being kidnapped so she wouldn't have to return to her job as a night shift nursing assistant. The Panama City Police Department says its officers and other agencies spent several hours Monday morning looking for Beverly F. Brooks,... More »

Student Caught in Ivy League Admissions Lie

She had become a sensation in South Korea media as 'Genius Girl'

(Newser) - An Ivy League hoax has unraveled, one that illustrates South Korea's "twisted obsession with degrees," in the words of AsiaOne . It involves a teenage girl at the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Virginia, one of the nation's top high schools—the kind... More »

Hoax Election Email Brings Felony Charges

New Hampshire man said candidate had dropped from race

(Newser) - A few days before a special election for a New Hampshire House seat, reporters received an official-looking news release via email informing them that one of the candidates was dropping out. This turned out to be news to the candidate herself, who was doing no such thing. Now a 28-year-old... More »

NC Man: Civil War Photo a Hoax We Set Up as Teens

John Potter says there never was an original photo of the CSS Georgia warship

(Newser) - For years historians have been trying to locate the original version of a copied photo of the CSS Georgia, a Confederate warship sunk off the coast of Georgia in 1865 by Confederate soldiers determined to keep it out of Union hands, the AP reports. Now a North Carolina man has... More »

Lawyers: Weird Kidnapping Was Real, Horrific

And an email sent to the 'Chronicle' deepens the mystery

(Newser) - The strange kidnapping of Denise Huskins was a real—and horrific—crime, not a joke or the hoax police now say it is , according to lawyers for Huskins and her boyfriend, Aaron Quinn. Quinn's lawyer tells NBC Bay Area that the reason his client took almost 12 hours to... More »

Cops: Bay Area Kidnapping Is Really a Hoax

Denise Huskins has vanished (again), hired lawyer

(Newser) - If you thought Denise Huskins' bizarre kidnapping was hard to believe, you were on to something. California police now say her disappearance from boyfriend Aaron Quinn's home in Vallejo on Monday was "an orchestrated event and not a kidnapping" and Huskins and Quinn may face charges. Officers first... More »

Prank Caller Gets All the Way to David Cameron

Guy was reportedly high on booze, cocaine

(Newser) - A prank caller had quite the successful Sunday when he convinced the British prime minister's office to put him through to David Cameron. The unidentified caller, who told the Sun he was "off [his] face on booze and cocaine" at the time, first rang British surveillance agency GCHQ... More »

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