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Big Pharma Lobbyists Put Words Into Reps' Mouths

We 'didn't know' where the language came from, reps plead

(Newser) - Yep, that's an echo you hear in the House chamber. The New York Times has obtained emails showing that language drafted by lobbyists working for biotech giant Genentech made it almost unchanged into statements and speeches made on health care—by Democrats and Republicans alike. A Genentech lawyer told staffers,... More »

Industry Ponies Up for Climate Change Fight

Environmentalists appear ill-prepared as issue heads to Senate

(Newser) - When the oil and coal lobbies came to Athens, Ohio, they held rallies full of screaming supporters, sponsored free lunches and free concerts, and gave away T-shirts praising coal power. When the environmentalists came to Athens, they held a sedate panel discussion and handed out stickers. Environmentalists seem ill-equipped for... More »

Lobbyists Gobbling Up $700B Bailout

There's not much left as everyone fights for piece of shrinking pie

(Newser) - That $700 billion allocated in this fall's federal bailout sounded like a lot of money—but after a feeding frenzy led by Washington lobbyists, there's not much cash left over, reports the New York Times. Of the first tranche of $350 billion, only $60 billion remains uncommitted, and everyone from... More »

Congress Drops Tax Hike for Private Equity

Superwealthy investors will get to keep tax breaks they now enjoy

(Newser) - A proposed tax hike on some of America's wealthiest investors isn't likely to happen this year, as Senate Democrats say they're shelving a bill that would have eliminated the special tax rate enjoyed by private-equity managers. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says a crowded legislative calendar makes considering the bill—... More »

4 Stories