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Pilot Spoke of 'Weather Phenomenon' Before Deadly Crash

6 killed in Wisconsin Cessna crash

(Newser) - The pilot of a Cessna 421 and all five passengers were killed early Saturday when the aircraft crashed in a forest in northern Wisconsin, authorities say. National Transportation Safety Board investigators say the pilot mentioned a "weather phenomenon" to air traffic controllers shortly before the plane dropped off the... More »

2 Dead After F-16, Cessna Collide in Midair

Fighter pilot ejects safely

(Newser) - An F-16 fighter jet and a small plane collided in midair this morning in South Carolina, with two people aboard the Cessna 150 killed, reports AP . The F-16 pilot ejected safely and is reportedly uninjured. The crash rained debris over a wide area in Berkeley County, about 20 miles northwest... More »

Secret US Spy Program Tracks Cellphone Users

Planes carrying 'dirtboxes' trick phones into sending identifying data and location

(Newser) - The extent to which the US government spies on US soil continues to unfold. The latest revelation: Using Cessna aircraft over at least five metropolitan-area airports, the Justice Department oversees (albeit to an unknown extent) a program that indiscriminately accesses large amounts of cellphone data, including identifying information and people'... More »

After Plane Crash, Alaskan Locals Mount Heroic Rescue

Villagers credited with saving 6 of 10 passengers

(Newser) - When a Cessna aircraft crashed outside the tiny Alaskan village of St. Marys Friday, villagers jumped into action: One of the survivors used her cellphone to call for help, and 40 to 50 residents started a search, some on foot and some on snowmobiles, the Anchorage Daily News reports. The... More »

2 Planes Collide Mid-Air, 1 Crashes, Everybody Is OK

9 skydivers, 2 pilots in Wisconsin accident live to tell the tale

(Newser) - It's the kind of story that could've easily had a very different ending: Two planes carrying skydivers collided yesterday in the skies over Superior, Wis., causing one plane to break up and scatter debris over the town as the skydivers jumped clear of the plane. The best part:... More »

Jet in 'Unsurvivable' Crash at Calif. Airport

Santa Monica crash sparked fire

(Newser) - A twin-engine Cessna Citation jet smashed into a hangar at Santa Monica Airport last night in a crash and fire officials say was "unsurvivable." The jet, arriving from an elite skiing area in Idaho, veered off the runway and crashed into a storage hangar, sparking a blaze that... More »

Cessnas Collide in Midair Over SoCal

One pilot dies, the other lands on golf course

(Newser) - Two Cessnas collided over Southern California yesterday afternoon, and those aboard one of the planes miraculously survived. That plane managed to land, with its landing gear still up, on a Westlake Golf Course fairway; the three people on board reported only minor injuries. But the other plane, also a single-engine... More »

Pilot Plans 10K-Mile Flight—Powered By Plastic Trash

He aims to get Cessna from Sydney to London in 6 days

(Newser) - A pioneering British pilot is planning to fly from Sydney, Australia, to London on a plane powered by plastic trash. Jeremy Rowsell hopes to get his single-engine Cessna 172 to London in six days, making 16 stops to collect more fuel made from discarded plastic, the Telegraph reports. The diesel... More »

Marine Dies Pulling Friend From Plane Crash

Austin Anderson credited with saving Hannah Luce

(Newser) - When the Cessna he was traveling in with four friends went down in a Kansas field Friday, 27-year-old former Marine Austin Anderson managed to pull friend Hannah Luce, 22, from the burning wreckage. The other three passengers, including the pilot, died at the scene, while Anderson and Luce were somehow... More »

Fighters Intercept Pot Plane in Obama Airspace

Cessna strays too close as Obama heads to LAX

(Newser) - What were they smoking? A four-seater Cessna plane hauling marijuana yesterday strayed into restricted airspace designed to protect President Obama, who was flying on Marine One; the small plane was intercepted by fighter jets. The incident occurred as the president was traveling in the helicopter from Orange County to Los... More »

Plane Crashes in Utah Neighborhood; Pilot Survives

FAA looking into cause of accident

(Newser) - A pilot is in critical condition following a fiery plane crash in Utah, and investigators are trying to figure out what happened. The Cessna 210 single-engine plane went down in a residential neighborhood last night, ripping into pieces as it fell. Pilot Clayton Roop, 46, had been cleared for landing... More »

Child Killed in Plane Crash Near Downtown Anchorage

Bystanders rush to save passengers

(Newser) - A young child was killed and 4 other people injured when a small plane crashed into one of the busiest streets in Anchorage during rush hour yesterday. The Cessna clipped a motel before smashing into a vacant car dealership, the Anchorage Daily News reports. Dozens of witnesses and passing motorists... More »

1 Believed Dead in Fort Lauderdale Plane Crash

4 believed aboard; no word on casualties

(Newser) - A small plane crashed into a home in Fort Lauderdale this morning, apparently killing the pilot, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports. Only the pilot was aboard, and the house was empty at the time. The Cessna 421 twin-engine prop plane had taken off from the nearby Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport... More »

Plane Thief Wanted Air Force to Shoot Him Down

(Newser) - The plane thief who led US fighter jets on a chase across six states yesterday did so as part of a bizarre suicide attempt, according to the Missouri trooper who arrested him. Yavuz Berke was hoping that if he flew the Cessna stolen in Canada into the US he’d... More »

Canadian Plane Thief Nabbed on Mo. Highway After Wild Chase

US fighter jets tracked Cessna lifted in Ontario

(Newser) - The pilot of a stolen Cessna has been captured after landing the plane on a Missouri highway and attempting to flee on foot, CNN reports. The plane had been intercepted and tracked by US fighter jets since heading into American airspace shortly after it was stolen from a flight school... More »

Go Ahead, Fly Those Private Jets, Cessna Ads Tell Execs

Bosses challenged to get back on board

(Newser) - Private jets may have become a despised symbol of high-flying corporate access, but that shouldn't make bosses too shy to fly, a new Cessna ad campaign tells execs. The ads, which boldly announce "timidity didn't get you this far," are part of a public relations push to fix... More »

5 Dead After UK Jet Slams Into Home

Pilot lost control of Cessna that crashed near London

(Newser) - All five people on a private jet were killed today when it crashed into a home outside London, the Guardian reports. One witness said the pilot appeared to lose control of the Cessna before it crashed in "a massive fireball. It seemed like a fighter jet, the noise of... More »

Dad, Daughter Die in Panama Plane Crash

Pilot also killed; teen friend of family is the only survivor

(Newser) - Searchers in Panama tonight found the bodies of a California businessman and his 13-year-old daughter two days after their plane disappeared in the mountains, the AP reports. Another girl, a 12-year-old friend of the family, survived the crash and was hospitalized, but the extent of her injuries was not known.... More »

7 Dead Found in Skydiver Wreck

Cessna crashed with 10 on board

(Newser) - Searchers have found seven bodies in the wreckage of a missing skydiver plane and were still seeking three other passengers, the Seattle Times reports. The single-engine Cessna had been transporting nine skydivers from an Idaho event back home to Washington when it went missing Sunday. A hunter in the Cascade... More »

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