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Philly Cops Review Pursuit Policy After Dirt Bike Accident

Rider of bike allegedly hit girl and her aunt while fleeing police

(Newser) - A man fleeing Philadelphia police on a dirt bike struck a 6-year-old girl and her aunt, resulting in serious injuries to both as well as himself, police say. The girl was in serious condition and her 44-year-old aunt was in guarded condition, while the bike rider, 32-year-old Caliph Douglass, suffered... More »

3 Teen Girls Take Fatal Plunge in Stolen Car

Joyride turns into tragedy

(Newser) - Three teen girls allegedly stole a car in Florida Wednesday night—a joyride that ended tragically when the car plunged into a Pinellas County pond, killing all three, WFLA reports. The owner of the Honda had given the girls a ride and stopped at a Walmart, which is when cops... More »

Cabbie's Attempt to Report Drunken Fare Ends Poorly

Real estate agent stole taxi while cabby was talking to police about her unruly behavior

(Newser) - Sometimes it’s tough to know when to say when. But if you find yourself drunkenly vomiting out of the window of a stolen taxi in Manhattan, it's safe to say you've crossed that line. That was allegedly the case of Kinga Tabares. The New York Post reports... More »

Papa John's Beloved Camaro Stolen, Recovered

It was dumped in the driveway of an abandoned home

(Newser) - Thieves stole a Chevy Camaro from a classic-car show in Detroit over the weekend, but the problem is that it happened to belong to a man named John Schnatter, aka Papa John of the national pizza chain. That led to a $10,000 reward to find the culprits and huge... More »

Suspects in Chase Drive Right to LAPD Headquarters


(Newser) - It hasn't been a good week for drivers in LA leading police on high-speed chases. Early yesterday evening, one suspect led cops on a 100mph pursuit through the streets of Hollywood before unsuccessfully trying to escape on foot, the Los Angeles Times reports. Then three other suspects apparently wanted... More »

'Vette Owner Getting Stolen Car Back 33 Years Later

GM is even footing the bill for shipment

(Newser) - Last time George Talley saw his beloved 1979 Corvette, it was parked on Jefferson Avenue in Detroit in the summer of 1981, reports WXYZ . He'd long ago given up hope of ever getting the stolen car back, but then came a call out of the blue from authorities in... More »

Why Accords Again Top List of Most-Stolen Cars

Thieves can get 3 times value of car by selling it in parts, says expert

(Newser) - Different types of cars rotate in and out of various best-of categories every year, except for one long-time champ: Honda Accord in the odd field of most-stolen vehicle. A new list by car-security company LoJack has the Accord at No. 1 for the fifth straight year, reports NBC News . And... More »

Cops: Guy Steals Car ... to Get to Court

Authorities aren't sympathetic

(Newser) - On the bright side, James Manning made it to court on time for his hearing on a drug-possession charge. The problem is that police say he stole a car from a neighboring California county to do so, reports the Modesto Bee . The 49-year-old's trouble got rolling when a dealership... More »

Cops: 9-Year-Old Steals Car to Skip School

He goes on the lam for 45 minutes before pulling over

(Newser) - A 9-year-old boy in Florida wanted to skip school so badly that he stole his mother's car, police say. The unidentified kid managed to drive around for about 45 minutes before pulling over for police, reports the Miami Herald . "He could barely see over the steering wheel,"... More »

Stolen Car Returned 30 Years Later—in Better Condition

CHP finds 1957 Chevy in shipping container, headed to Australia

(Newser) - A California man's 1957 Chevy was stolen 30 years ago, and now he's getting it back—in way better condition than when it was stolen. Ian Wilson bought the car for just $375, with the intent to fix it up himself, but he never got the chance. It... More »

Website's Commenters Find Stolen DeLorean

Jalopnik readers spot ad on Craigslist

(Newser) - Last Thursday, the car-loving website Jalopnik posted a story about a DeLorean that got stolen in Morgan Hills, California, and asked its readers to keep an eye out for the distinctive vehicle. They did that and more. One found an ad for a DeLorean on Craigslist and asked seller "... More »

Nebraska Cop Steals Police Cruiser

Gets chased down, was reportedly 'distraught'

(Newser) - A Saturday night chase in Nebraska involved police cruisers chasing down ... a police cruiser. Stanly Colby, an armed, uniformed Fairbury police officer, allegedly stole the cruiser while "distraught," reports. Several law enforcement agencies got involved in the chase, during which Colby avoided spike strips, before he... More »

Car Stolen ... With Toddler Inside

Mom left keys in running car

(Newser) - If you want your car to get stolen, your best bet is probably to leave it unlocked and running in a parking lot after midnight. If you want your child to get stolen, well, try leaving her in the aforementioned running vehicle. Odds are that 18-month-old Kimberly Delgado's mother... More »

Bizarre Twist Leads Cops to Guy Fieri's Car, a Year Later

Lamborghini found inside teen's storage locker outside SF

(Newser) - Guy Fieri's $200,000 Lamborghini has been found, more than a year after it was stolen , and the story is quite something. Police found the yellow Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder on Saturday inside a storage locker rented by a 17-year-old boy, but their search of the storage locker had nothing... More »

Porsche Stolen in 1988 Seized at Port

Customs agents in Los Angeles find 930 Turbo worth $70,000

(Newser) - US Customs agents in Los Angeles cracked a 23-year-old case when they seized a Porsche 930 Turbo on its way to being shipped to the Netherlands. The sports car had been reported stolen—in 1988. The 1976 red Porsche eluded authorities for more than two decades, reports the Los Angeles ... More »

Police Find Camaro ... Stolen 35 Years Ago

Recovered '69 Chevy Camaro stolen on July 8, 1975

(Newser) - A classic muscle car stolen in New Jersey nearly 36 years ago has been recovered on the other side of the country. A California man bought the 1969 Chevy Camaro SS from a seller on eBay in February. He contacted the California Highway Patrol after certain features of the car... More »

14-Year-Old Steals Van, Drives to...

School. Wouldn't have guessed that, would ya?

(Newser) - A 14-year-old Indiana boy was tired of walking the few blocks to his school—so he stole a church van and drove himself there, police say. An officer was actually behind the boy as he pulled into the school, and says, “He was doing just fine. I was behind... More »

Man Steals Truck— With Owner Still Inside

Terry Bannick was sleeping in his camper when he got a rude awakening

(Newser) - When Darwin Brown drove off with Terry Bannick’s truck early yesterday, little did he know he was also driving off with the man’s temporary home—and the man himself, asleep in the back. Bannick awoke to the driver’s side door slamming and the engine revving, he tells... More »

Cars Most Likely To Be Stolen in US

Honda Accords and Civics lead the way

(Newser) - The National Insurance Crime Bureau has the numbers in on which cars across the US were most likely to be stolen in 2009. Maybe you think it's Vettes, BMWs, or Mercedes? Nope, it's the lowly Honda Accord—the 1994 model. And the Accord was followed closely by the Honda Civic... More »

Charlie Sheen's Stolen Car Found in Ravine

Actor says Mercedes went missing overnight

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen's fun times continue: His stolen Mercedes was found overturned down a cliff near his home early today, but there's no evidence anyone was in the car when it went into the ravine, police said. Authorities found the vehicle about 4am after its OnStar system sent out an alert.... More »

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