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Thanksgiving Miracle: O'Hare Workers Striking Next Week

Workers want to build public support for their cause, so will avoid holiday travel period

(Newser) - The hundreds of Chicago O'Hare International Airport workers planning a work stoppage want the public on their side—so they'll wait until Tuesday, Nov. 29, to strike, CNN reports. The janitors, baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, and wheelchair attendants are striking to draw attention to their desire to be... More »

US Oil Workers Launch Biggest Strike Since 1980

USW strike could hit 64% of US capacity

(Newser) - Oil workers across America started walking off the job at midnight yesterday in their first nationwide strike since Jimmy Carter was president. United Steelworkers union members are striking at nine refineries, accounting for more than 10% of US capacity, after rejecting five proposals for a new three-year contract, the BBC... More »

Fast-Food Workers Plot New Strike, Civil Disobedience

Many ready 'to do whatever it takes' for $15-an-hour wage

(Newser) - As fast-food workers battle for a $15-an-hour wage, they're getting ready to strike this week—and get arrested if they have to. McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's employees are among those planning a protest on Thursday, the Chicago Tribune reports, and the effort will include broad civil... More »

Police Fire AK-47s at Cambodian Protesters

3 killed as garment workers demand double the current minimum wage

(Newser) - At least three people were killed today when police in Cambodia opened fire to break up a protest by striking garment workers demanding a doubling of the minimum wage, police and human rights workers said. Police said the three were killed and two others were wounded in a southern suburb... More »

McDonald's to Workers: Don't Forget to Tip Pool Boy

As workers rally, tipping etiquette puts McDonald's in the fryer

(Newser) - Bad move, McDonald's? As fast food workers walked off the job in 100 cities this week amid demands for higher pay, the fast food giant thought it was a good idea to dish out some holiday tip suggestions to its employees—like how much to tip your massage therapist... More »

Fast Food Strikes Return as Wage Debate Looms

Obama speaks up in favor of minimum wage hike

(Newser) - Fast food workers in 100 cities will walk off the job today, and protesters will show up in 100 more to call for drastically higher wages for the nation's lowest-paid workers. The movement started with a small strike in New York City last year, and has ballooned since, with... More »

Fast-Food Strikes Hit 58 Cities Today

As Walmart, warehouse, and car wash employees join in

(Newser) - You might want to pack a lunch today. This summer's series of fast-food walkouts continues in a big way, as workers in at least 58 cities across the country go on strike. Organizers are calling it the largest such strike to date. The workers plan to picket the likes... More »

Fast-Food Workers Strike for 2nd Time in Week

The one-day walkouts continue today

(Newser) - The one-day fast-food strikes that hit McDonald's, Burger King, and the like on Monday are showing no signs of stopping. With more underway today in Milwaukee, the New York Times is comparing the national campaign—aimed at mobilizing workers from hundreds of restaurants—to Occupy Wall Street. Some strikers... More »

San Francisco Subway Workers Go On Strike

400K forced to commute some other way

(Newser) - Hundreds of thousands of habitual subway riders had to find other ways to work today, after San Francisco's negotiation with BART subway employees broke down around 2am. The city wants the more than 5,000 subway workers to pay more toward their pensions and benefits in exchange for an... More »

Longest Hotel Strike in History Finally Over

Congress Plaza strike went on for a decade

(Newser) - On June 3, 2003, 130 of the Congress Plaza Hotel's cleaning and maintenance workers went on strike ... and Unite Here Local 1, the union representing them, finally agreed to a return to work as of midnight yesterday. Of course, many of the original 130 workers have since found other... More »

JFK Security to Strike Over Shoddy Winter Coats

Workers want better radios, more training, too

(Newser) - About 100 security guards at JFK Airport have voted to go on strike on Dec. 20, just as the holiday travel rush is surging, if demands for better training and equipment are not met, reports NBC News . Employees are calling for higher quality radios and winter coats, among other things.... More »

Bye-Bye, Twinkies: Hostess Is Closing

But assets will be sold at auction, so some products could survive

(Newser) - Sorry, Twinkies fans: Hostess really is shutting its doors. The company threatened to do so yesterday if striking workers did not return by the end of the day. Apparently they didn't, because CNN reports that the Twinkies maker is now asking a federal bankruptcy court for permission to go... More »

End of Twinkies? Hostess Says Strike May Doom It

Ho Ho's maker threatens to close for good unless workers return

(Newser) - A world without Ho Ho's, Wonder Bread, and Twinkies? Hostess says it may shut down all its operations for good amid a labor strike, reports MSN News . The company, which filed for bankruptcy last year, says it needs striking employees back by the end of business today or the... More »

Rahm: We're Close; Teachers: That's 'Lunacy'

Sides 'kilometers apart,' union president says

(Newser) - Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Teachers Union are so far apart that they can't even agree on how far apart they are. Emanuel emerged from yesterday's negotiations saying that only one or two major issues separated the sides. Union President Karen Lewis had a slightly different take, saying... More »

South Africa Reels as Mine Shooting Toll Hits 35

President Zuma 'shocked and dismayed' by violence

(Newser) - The death toll has risen to more than 35 in yesterday's shooting of striking South African miners by police, which has become one of the deadliest confrontations since the end of apartheid, reports the Telegraph . The country's police minister says many others were injured and the toll is... More »

Players Reject Offer, Begin Disbanding Union

David Stern's ultimatum called 'extremely unfair'

(Newser) - NBA players rejected the league's latest offer today and began disbanding the union, likely jeopardizing the season. "We're prepared to file this antitrust action against the NBA," union executive director Billy Hunter said. "That's the best situation where players can get their due process.... More »

Aussie Court Ends Qantas Strike, Grounding

Airline ordered back to the skies after 14-hour hearing

(Newser) - An Australian court has ended the Qantas Airways standoff that abruptly grounded the entire fleet yesterday, as tens of thousands of stranded passengers scrambled to find rides. After 14 hours of testimony, which included government arguments that forcing the airline back into operation was in Australia's best economic interests,... More »

As Vote Looms, Strike Shutters Greece 2nd Day

Austerity measures likely to pass despite enraged public

(Newser) - A general strike paralyzed Greece a second day as outraged protesters gathered by the tens of thousands outside parliament today, where lawmakers prepared to vote on intensely unpopular austerity measures needed to secure the next $11 billion installment from the international rescue loans that have so far prevented the country... More »

Suicide-Plagued Foxconn to Swap People for Robots

In 3 years, it could use as many as 1M robots

(Newser) - Foxconn, the suicide-plagued maker of millions of Apple products in China, plans to use as many as one million robots on its assembly line within three years—compared to just 10,000 today, a Chinese report says. Increasing labor costs is a major driver behind the move, reports Reuters . "... More »

Protests Close Wisconsin's Schools for a Second Day

But Gov. Scott Walker's proposal will likely pass

(Newser) - Madison's schools were forced to close for a second day as a momentous bill that would strip Wisconsin's government workers of nearly all collective bargaining rights sped through the Legislature and appeared poised to pass. Protesters clogged the hallways of the state Capitol ahead of today's planned vote; thousands are... More »

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