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Dozens Hospitalized During Avicii Concert

Heat + lots of drugs, alcohol = not great

(Newser) - By the time an Avicii concert at Boston's TD Garden ended around 11pm last night, a staging area had been set up nearby to deal with all the concertgoers requiring medical attention—a total of more than 80, about 50 of whom were treated by paramedics at the scene... More »

Why Justin Timberlake Returned to Music

Inside the making of '20/20 Experience'

(Newser) - Back in 2011, Justin Timberlake was staunchly declaring he wouldn't be putting out any new music in the near future. Less than two years later, his 20/20 Experience debuted at No. 1 on Billboard and sold almost a million copies in its first week. What happened? As the Hollywood ... More »

Sarah McLachlan, Lilith Fair Return to New World

Do today's female artists still need a festival?

(Newser) - Seven years after her last all-original album, Sarah McLachlan is back—and she’s bringing Lilith Fair with her. Since the last Lilith, McLachlan has had two daughters and split from her husband, and female artists have gone from being underrepresented to dominating the Top 40. What does that mean... More »

Feds Tear Into Ticketmaster Merger

Antitrust officials weigh concessions for Live Nation deal to pass

(Newser) - Concerned Justice Department are considering blocking a deal that would create a music industry behemoth—unless major concessions are made. Antitrust officials are worried about the effect the proposed Ticketmaster-Live Nation merger would have on consumer cost and may require the companies to make major concessions, insiders tell the Wall ... More »

Jay-Z Close to Sony Deal— or Maybe Warner

Conflicting reports leave it unclear where former Def Jam artist will move

(Newser) - Following his departure from Def Jam, Jay-Z is close to making a deal with a new label—the question is, which one? Sources tell Billboard a deal with Sony’s Epic Records “is 95% complete,” while the New York Daily News reports a deal with Warner Music Group/Atlantic... More »

Ticketmaster Mogul Says He Can Save Music

Where critics see conflict of interest, Azoff spies opportunity

(Newser) - Irving Azoff may not be a household name, but he is, in fact, "the most powerful man in the music industry," writes Ethan Smith in a Wall Street Journal profile. The head of Ticketmaster—he made his name managing the Eagles in the '70s—is now trying to... More »

Live Nation, Ticketmaster Reveal Merger Details

Firm will be run by Live Nation's CEO

(Newser) - Live Nation and Ticketmaster made public their merger plans today, though the combined concert-promotions and ticketing powerhouse is sure to face scrutiny by antitrust regulators, the Wall Street Journal reports.The new company is to be named Live Nation Entertainment; it's estimated the two will save $40 million by combining... More »

Live Nation, Ticketmaster Close to Merger

(Newser) - The music industry continues to reshape itself: Ticketmaster and Live Nation may announce a merger next week, the Wall Street Journal reports. The new company, called Live Nation Ticketmaster, would have ties to hundreds of top artists and expertise on everything from promoting shows—Live Nation is the world's largest... More »

Live Nation Divided Over Mega Deals

Signers of Madonna, Jay-Z squabble over bold experiment

(Newser) - Two top execs at music giant Live Nation are squabbling over how quickly to move forward with the enormous new deals they've been striking with artists in an attempt to reshape the failing business, the Wall Street Journal reports. The CEO wants to wait and see how current contracts—which... More »

Jay-Z to Sign Record $150M Deal

Live Nation deal sign of industry upheaval

(Newser) - Rapper Jay-Z is about to decamp from record label Def Jam and sign a $150 million deal with concert promoter Live Nation, reports the New York Times. The deal, Live Nation's biggest to date, will give the superstar financial backing for tours, his own record label and other related ventures... More »

Milestone Deal for Madonna

She'll leave record company for concert giant Live Nation

(Newser) - Madonna is set to leave traditional record labels behind for an all-encompassing deal with concert promoter Live Nation, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Material Girl will bank $120 million; Live Nation gets three studio albums, the right to promote her concert tours, and various merchandising opportunities during a 10-year... More »

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