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6 Months Later, McDonald's Happy Meal Is Mold-Free

Artist has been photographing the burger, fries since April 10

(Newser) - What started as art has turned into mad science. Sally Davies took a photo of the McDonald's Happy Meal she bought on April 10—and she's taken a picture of that same meal every day since. Now, six months on, the hamburger and fries seem to defy the laws of... More »

US Faces Tooth Decay Crisis

Millions of uninsured leave cavities untreated

(Newser) - American dentists are getting richer—but teeth are getting worse. A half century of  improvement in dental health is being thrown into reverse because 100 million Americans have no dental insurance and can't afford care, reports the New York Times. It's far more than a cosmetic issue. Two children died... More »

2 Stories