Biosphere 2

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Steve Bannon Once Ran an Eco-Experiment. It Didn't Go Well

Admitted in 1996 trial to calling female worker 'bimbo,' threatening to ram memo down her 'f---ing throat'

(Newser) - While Donald Trump's choice of "terrifying man" Steven Bannon as his chief strategist is causing wide denouncement , an ecological and sociological experiment he took part in more than 20 years ago is bubbling up, complete with lawsuits and allegations of threats and sexual harassment, reports the Arizona Republic ... More »

Biosphere 2 Going Strong at 20

Terrarium more relevant than ever, scientists say

(Newser) - It's been a long time since the last human residents left Biosphere 2 but there's still plenty of life inside the sealed terrarium in the Arizona desert, the AP finds. The 7.2-million-square-foot facility, set up 20 years ago to see whether humans could create self-sustaining space colonies,... More »

Scientists Prototype Moon House

Self-sufficient space hab designed for future Moon base

(Newser) - While scientists in the '60s raced to put a man on the moon, modern scientists want to put a dozen there for three years in 90%-95% self-sufficiency. An Australian team is prototyping Luna Gaia, a space habitat that would use biological systems to recycle materials and grow food, although bored... More »

3 Stories