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Trump Picks Rex Tillerson, but Path Will Be Tricky

Secretary of state hearings likely to focus on Russia, conflicts of interest

(Newser) - Donald Trump confirmed Tuesday morning that Rex Tillerson is his pick to be secretary of state—but the ExxonMobil chief's path to confirmation is not expected to be an easy one. The Washington Post reports that some GOP senators may be unwilling to support Tillerson because of his ties... More »

'Very Good!' Ethics Office Goes on Tweetstorm Cheering Trump

Agency sent very uncharacteristic tweets in congratulating president-elect on divestiture

(Newser) - Wednesday was such a strange day at the Office of Government Ethics that some observers thought it had been hacked—or driven over the edge by the challenges of the Trump transition. After Donald Trump tweeted that he would be "leaving" his businesses , the agency fired off a series... More »

Obama Team Lays Out 'Strictest' Ethics Rules

Lobbyists, corporations banned from contributing to transition

(Newser) - Barack Obama's transition team has set out what one official called "the strictest, most far-reaching ethics rules of any transition in history,” the Hill reports. Lobbyists, corporations and PACs will be barred from donating funds to the transition operation, and lobbyists on the team won’t be allowed... More »

Cutting Lobby Ties Is 'Messy Business'

McCain plays reform card with new policy, but conflicts abound

(Newser) - John McCain is at war with his own staff to save his image as a crusader against special interests, the New York Times reports. Five aides have been sent packing, and new rules promulgated to rout out any further conflicts. But with many staffers who made their living as lobbyists,... More »

Justices' Stock Portfolios Cripple Cases

Supreme Court left deadlocked by recusals amid calls to divest

(Newser) - The stock portfolios of Supreme Court justices have become a flash point this term, in which six cases could be affected by justices recusing themselves because they own financial stakes in companies involved. Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Samuel Alito, and Justice Stephen Bryer have bowed out of cases involving... More »

NASA Delays Mars Probe to 2013

Conflict of interest in purchasing phase pushes mission back

(Newser) - A conflict of interest has forced NASA to delay a scheduled Mars probe by two years and spend an extra $40 million, the Associated Press reports. The panel choosing between two firms for the mission had to be replaced, and because Mars is only within reach every 26 months, the... More »

Bill’s Scads of Donations May Backfire on Hill

Ex-prez's blistering fundraising might raise eyebrows as first gent

(Newser) - Former President Clinton rakes in cash for his foundation, while a future President Clinton would have to deal with the appearance of influence-buying. Bill’s foundation isn’t required to divulge donors, and there's no apparent limit on a first spouse’s fundraising, but Salon reports many Clinton Foundation givers... More »

7 Stories