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Why Students Doze in Class: It's Called Social Jet Lag

And academic performance suffers, study says

(Newser) - Feel out of sync with 9-to-5 life? You're not alone: A massive study of college students shows that 60% take classes at hours conflicting with their schedules, causing them to suffer academically, phys.org reports. Published in Scientific Reports , the study of nearly 15,000 students at UC Berkeley... More »

What New York Is Doing for College-Age Maria Victims

Tuition help being offered to displaced students at 64 state universities

(Newser) - Mainland US universities are offering a helping hand to students in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands affected by Hurricane Maria. Some schools are granting students discounted tuition at the rate for in-state residents; others are waiving tuition altogether for a semester, NPR reports. Tuition help is being offered... More »

These Are the 10 Best Universities in the World

Oxford is No. 1, while top US schools are Caltech, Stanford in third place

(Newser) - The US is well represented on a new ranking of the world's best universities, but Britain has a hold on the top two spots. Education industry magazine Times Higher Education puts Oxford and Cambridge at the top of the pack for best overall university, though Forbes notes that uncertainty... More »

Notre Dame Tutor Made Students Have Sex With Daughter: Suit

Black plaintiff says sex trysts were 'racially motivated,' 'demeaning'

(Newser) - A black University of Notre Dame student says he was the victim of a "manipulative and predatory scheme" in which a white school employee coerced him into a sexual relationship with her daughter, the South Bend Tribune reports. A lawsuit filed against the school and the employee also alleges... More »

Al Franken Pushing to Make College Textbooks Free

Minnesota senator co-sponsoring bill that would give access to online resources

(Newser) - Al Franken knows how ridiculous the cost of college textbooks can be, and he want to do something about it. That's why the Minnesota senator and Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin on Thursday introduced the Affordable College Textbook Act, a bill that would give grants to higher-ed institutions so they... More »

Hackers Target Universities Millions of Times Each Week

Personal details, intellectual property at risk

(Newser) - College campuses are becoming increasingly less safe, but the threat is not physical. Universities are under attack from hackers, with America's institutions of higher learning facing millions of attempted cyberattacks, mostly from China, every week, the New York Times reports. At stake is far more than a bunch of... More »

MIT Tops World University Rankings

It beats Cambridge, Harvard to first place

(Newser) - The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has soared to the top of world university rankings for the first time, knocking Britain's University of Cambridge into second place and Harvard into third, the Guardian reports. University College London, Oxford University, Imperial College, Yale, University of Chicago, Princeton, and Caltech also made... More »

The Nation's Biggest Party School Is...

West Virginia University, says the Princeton Review

(Newser) - If you're more interested in quantity of beer than quality of instruction, you may want to check out the Princeton Review's latest ranking of the best and worst party schools. Per the Los Angeles Times , the top party school this year is West Virginia University, which also claimed... More »

Today's College Is More Like Kindergarten

Students log just 27 hours of class, study time a week

(Newser) - In 1961, college students spent 16 hours in class each week and another 24 hours studying, making college the equivalent of a full-time job. Today, just 27 hours are spent in class and studying—or the same amount of time, the Washington Post points out, as the typical five-year-old spends... More »

Santorum: Calif. Schools Don't Teach US History

Republican candidate slams California universities

(Newser) - Rick Santorum continued his verbal assault on higher education today by accusing California universities of failing to "even teach an American history course." The GOP candidate slammed UC universities during a speech in Wisconsin, Mediaite reports, saying that "I think it's seven or eight" schools that... More »

Harvard Loses Top Spot in College Rankings

But US schools clean up

(Newser) - Hang your head in shame, Crimson alums: After eight years on top, Harvard sank to a lowly second on the Times Higher Education ’s list of the world’s top 400 universities. Harvard was displaced by the California Institute of Technology (aka Caltech), thanks to its “consistent results... More »

New College Rankings: An Ivy Deadheat

Harvard, Princeton top universities list

(Newser) - US News and World Report has released its latest college rankings, and it’s full of the usual suspects, with Harvard, Princeton, and Yale topping the list; not much has changed since last year . Among liberal arts colleges , Williams, Amherst, and Swarthmore lead the pack. The magazine also presents... More »

Cambridge Named Best University ... Again

Harvard takes second, MIT third, and Yale fourth

(Newser) - For all the Harvard grads out there, don't kick yourself—but your school has come in second around the world... again. The Independent reports that QS World University Rankings has given the prize of best university to Cambridge for the second year in a row. Filling out the top... More »

Texas Set to OK Guns on Campus

Controversial gun law would be second in nation

(Newser) - Texas is poised to give university students the right to carry concealed guns on campus, making it the second state to pass such a broad law, reports AP . Utah already has a similar law, but Texas, with its 38 public universities and 500,000 students, would affect far more people.... More »

Scotland Yard Seeks Student Protest Intel From Colleges

'Counter-terrorism' officer gathers info ahead of tuition protests

(Newser) - Big Brother is watching in Britain. Scotland Yard is contacting universities for all their intelligence concerning student protests ahead of expected demonstrations against tuition hikes and education cuts. A counter-terrorism officer has already contacted 20 London universities seeking "all pertinent" information, reports the Guardian . The email advises universities to... More »

Recruiters: Columbia, MIT Are So 'Second-Tier'

If you didn't graduate from Harvard, good luck getting a top job

(Newser) - If you’re determined to get a great job, you might want to quit your course of study at Cornell or Dartmouth and transfer to one of the "top 5" schools: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and Wharton. A new study shows that recruiters for the best law firms, investment... More »

Smartest Cities in America

Boulder, Durham, DC trump Ivy stronghold Boston

(Newser) - The number-one brainiest city in America is a university town that major science research centers have made home and whose tech-friendly business culture draws start-ups: Boulder, Colo. Writing in the Daily Beast , Richard Florida ranks the country's 20 brainiest metro areas, as determined by things like number of adults with... More »

Public College Tuition Rises Despite Recession

It increases faster than costs at private schools

(Newser) - Hoping for a tuition break in the recession? Fat chance. The price of a college education continues to rise, with costs at public schools rising faster than those at private institutions. Tuition and fees at a public 4-year college now average $7,020, versus $26,273 at a private college.... More »

Egypt Delays School Opening to Combat Swine Flu

Fear of outbreak motivates rescheduling

(Newser) - Fears of a swine flu outbreak have moved the Egyptian government to delay the start of the school year at state-run schools and universities by at least 1 week, the BBC reports. Government-run schools had been set to begin school the last week of September; they will now open Oct.... More »

Strapped Campuses Grumble About Presidents' Mansions

(Newser) - An opulent, rent-free mansion complete with staff is one of the perks of the job for many university presidents but the luxury is beginning to grate on financially strapped campuses, the Boston Globe reports. A chorus of complaints can be heard on campuses hit by layoffs, and universities like Harvard... More »

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