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Zuckerberg Rethinking Forced Hawaii Land Sale

He says he wants to respect tradition

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg is rethinking his attempt to force locals in Hawaii to sell him their land after "feedback from the local community." The Facebook CEO had been trying to acquire 14 small plots of land within his 700-acre property on Kauai through a process known as quiet title,... More »

Couple Wins 'Squatters' Rights' to Neighbor's Yard

Elderly couple has been tending the yard for 12 years

(Newser) - They say fences make good neighbors, but that definitely wasn't true for Hilary and Edward Kirkby. The British couple, who are 72 and 70, respectively, have spent the past 12 years tending to a stretch of yard in front of their Yorkshire home, which they bought in 1999. That... More »

Flight 93 Families Want 'Sacred Ground' Seized

Groups battle landowner for control of Pa. crash site

(Newser) - Families seeking a permanent memorial for Flight 93 victims are asking President Bush to seize the land where the hijacked plane went down on Sept. 11, the Washington Post reports. An advocacy group initially tried to buy the land, but ran into conflict with the owner. "What was left... More »

Beijing May Let Farmers Sell Land Rights

Party may announce reform, bringing cash into rural economy

(Newser) - China is poised to announce a sweeping reform that would allow rural farmers to sell land use rights, the New York Times reports. Communist Party officials, meeting this weekend, hope the move will reignite double-digit economic growth and stave off looming recession. It could also curb the thousands of riots... More »

Real Estate Is What Divides America Into Red and Blue

it's land-use laws, not religion, stupid

(Newser) - Real estate—as much as religion or politics—is what really divides America into red and blue regions, argues Atlantic Monthly’s Virginia Postrel. Comparing the housing markets in Dallas and Los Angeles, she notes that it's no coincidence that there's cheap, plentiful housing in the former, and expensive, scarce... More »

5 Stories