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It's No Lie: Duplicity Scores

Spy film gets wide, warm reception

(Newser) - Critics aren’t hiding their love for the twists and turns of Duplicity, a combination “caper movie,” “love story,” and “extra-dry corporate satire,” AO Scott notes in the New York Times. The buzz on the Julia Roberts-Clive Owen flick:
  • "Attempts—and to a
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Clive Owen+Stubble=Everyman

(Newser) - Clive Owen may be good-looking, but his success in recent years depends squarely on his ability to inhabit scruffy Everyman characters that connect with audiences, New York reports. His new film, The International, heightens the illusion, as Owen’s everyday character is thrust into the middle of a shadowy financial... More »

The International: Good Timing, Bad Film

'Boilerplate' lines make 'chatty' flick less than memorable

(Newser) - A thriller about evil banks, The International got its timing right. Too bad, then, that it’s not a better film. The film “almost seems like a Monty Python spoof on spy-game thrillers in which the phrase ‘secret agent’ is constantly replaced by 'banker,'" writes Joe Neumaier... More »

Hollywood Gets Its Leading Lady Back

(Newser) - Julia Roberts is poised to step back into the spotlight with next month’s Duplicity, and Hollywood is hoping she can do again what none of her successors has been able to—pull boffo box office, the New York Times reports. “It’s just so clearly there,” said... More »

Not Even Cate Can Save Liz 2

Everyone likes Cate, not so much the movie

(Newser) - Nobody can bear to say a bad word about Cate Blanchett, star of Elizabeth: The Golden Age," despite agreeing that the film itself is a big gooey mess. "Cate Blanchett can do anything," writes Peter Travers in Rolling Stone, "but she can't save this creaky sequel.... More »

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