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Teen Runs Up $7.6K Bill Playing Xbox

He's claiming ignorance over Dad's credit card bill

(Newser) - A Canadian kid is in deep poutine after charging more than $7,600 onto his father's credit card while playing a FIFA video game on his Xbox, the CBC reports. Lance Perkins says he was "floored" when he got the bill Dec. 23. Perkins' 17-year-old son told him... More »

'Unwatchable' Film Costs FIFA $29M, Brings in $607

At Phoenix theater, just one person bought a ticket

(Newser) - FIFA's ex-VP has promised an "avalanche of secrets" in the wake of the soccer agency's recent scandal , but one thing that's not a secret is how terrible the biopic FIFA financed did at the box office over the weekend. United Passions, an account of the international... More »

FIFA's Former VP Promises 'Avalanche' of Secrets

... Involving Sepp Blatter, Trinidad and Tobago's general election in 2010

(Newser) - FIFA's former vice president, now on Interpol's most wanted list , says he has documents that contain an "avalanche" of secrets about soccer's governing body, including a link to Trinidad and Tobago's general election in 2010. In an eight-minute paid political advertisement that aired on TV... More »

FIFA Chief Quits 4 Days After He's Re-Elected

Sepp Blatter will serve until new president is elected

(Newser) - Sepp Blatter's triumphant fifth term as president of FIFA is crashing to a halt after all of four days. Blatter today announced that he will resign as president of soccer's governing body as soon as a successor is named in special elections, reports the BBC . In an almost... More »

Ex-FIFA VP's Defense Strategy: Cite the Onion

Calls satirical article proof of US conspiracy

(Newser) - When defending yourself against allegations of corruption, it's best to have your facts straight. Unfortunately for Jack Warner, former vice president of FIFA and member of Parliament in Trinidad, that means avoiding what CNN calls a "spectacular public relations own-goal": gathering evidence from satirical paper the Onion. The... More »

What Scandal? FIFA President Wins Re-Election

Sepp Blatter remains in charge of the soccer body

(Newser) - He's not called "one of the most powerful people in sports" for nothing: FIFA has re-elected longtime president Sepp Blatter to another term despite a massive corruption scandal that has resulted in the arrests of several top aides, reports the AP . The 79-year-old didn't win on the... More »

Now Nike May Be Embroiled in FIFA Scandal

Sportswear giant says it is cooperating with investigators

(Newser) - In the US' indictment of FIFA officials is an allegation that an unnamed sportswear company bribed a Brazilian soccer official to get a sponsorship agreement with the Brazilian federation. Bloomberg thinks that company is Nike—the deal outlined in the documents, it notes, "mirrors" the decade-long deal Nike made... More »

World Soccer Execs Arrested on US Orders

At least 6 held ahead of FIFA meeting

(Newser) - If there were a World Cup for tackling corruption in soccer, the US would now be the runaway favorite to win it. At least six officials from FIFA, soccer's world governing body, were arrested in a surprise overnight raid at a hotel in Zurich, where they had gathered for... More »

Report: Russia Used Picasso as World Cup Bribe

UK embassies allegedly kept tabs on FIFA corruption

(Newser) - There's regular corruption, and then there's over-the-top Teapot Dome-style bribery. The latter is what took place ahead of the controversial decision to award the 2018 and 2022 soccer World Cups to Russia and Qatar, according to a report submitted to British lawmakers. The report compiled by the Sunday ... More »

Women Soccer Players Call Fake Turf Discriminatory

They threaten legal action demanding grass for next year's tournament

(Newser) - With the Women's World Cup in Canada less than 10 months away, some of the world's top women soccer players are threatening a lawsuit against FIFA over a literal turf war. The women want the tournament played on real grass instead of artificial turf, and they call the... More »

Soccer Biter's Ban Upheld—Sort Of

CAS rules Suarez can train with his team during ban

(Newser) - So much for that appeal: The Court of Arbitration for Sport has upheld Luis Suarez's four-month ban after the Uruguay star famously bit another player at this year's World Cup, noting the penalty is "generally proportionate to the offense committed," the AP reports. He also must... More »

Oops: Germany Breaks the World Cup

Fortunately, FIFA only gives out replicas to winners

(Newser) - When do you know you’ve partied a bit too hard? When you break the World Cup. Thankfully, it’s only a replica, and perhaps the German team’s mishap is why FIFA doesn’t give out the real thing, which ESPN FC reports is worth about $13.5 million.... More »

5 World Cup Facts for Non-Soccer Lovers

A primer so you can sound moderately in-the-know

(Newser) - The World Cup begins today. If those five words have your eyes glazing over, hang on—and read on. We've pulled together five things to know about the games (which FIFA calls matches , but which the media refer to interchangeably as games and matches) that'll have you in... More »

Soccer Will Test Goal-Line Cameras

FIFA agrees to experiment with technology after bad calls

(Newser) - A big move in the world of soccer: The sport's governing body said today it will test two goal-line technologies at a tournament in December, reports CNN . One system uses multiple cameras and the other relies on a microchip inside the ball. Assuming all goes well, one should be... More »

FIFA: World Cup Must Have Beer

Brazilians not allowed to ban booze, soccer chief says

(Newser) - Banning beer at the 2014 World Cup is not an option, FIFA chief Jerome Valcke has warned Brazil. The world soccer kingpin, visiting the country for an inspection tour, says he isn't happy about the state of Brazil's infrastructure, the pace of construction at stadiums and, in particular,... More »

During World Cup, a Twitter Record

Japan's victory over the US hit 7,196 tweets per second

(Newser) - No matter how you regard the pace of soccer, there's no denying that tweeting about it can be fast and furious. The all-time record for number of tweets per second was set at the end of yesterday's Women's World Cup final—taking the top spot from the... More »

Qatar World Cup Pick Proves FIFA Is Dirty

Grant Wahl smells a rat is the desert

(Newser) - American soccer fans are furious that FIFA picked Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup over the US, and with good reason, writes Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated . He calls the pick “the biggest indictment possible that FIFA is not a clean organization.” If the US had lost... More »

Qatar, Russia Picked to Host World Cups

US, Britain lose out in bids for 2018, 2022 tournaments

(Newser) - FIFA shocked the world today by selecting Russia and Qatar to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, respectively. The US was widely considered the favorite to host in 2022, reports the AP, while Russia was considered a long shot against England, Spain-Portugal and Belgium-Netherlands. Vladimir Putin, who was heralded... More »

USA Flubs World Cup Pitch, Still Likely to Win

Bill Clinton, Morgan Freeman push US bid to FIFA

(Newser) - Soccer's governing body chooses the country to host the 2022 World Cup today and the US is widely expected to win—despite a somewhat shambolic presentation yesterday. Bill Clinton's speech was long and rambling and Morgan Freeman accidentally skipped a page in his script, but Team USA star Landon Donovan... More »

All World Cup Teams Look the Same

Different styles have evaporated; everybody looks like Brazil

(Newser) - In World Cups of yore, each country had its own style, and each game was like a clash of cultures. The Italians had a punishing defense, and the English could be relied on to chuck bombs down the pitch. But tune into any game in South Africa, and you'll see... More »

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