Zbigniew Brzezinski

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Brzezinski Down on Idea of Afghan 'Surge'

Security expert: McCain camp on path to world war

(Newser) - The presidential candidates seem to agree that Afghanistan needs a troop surge, but Zbigniew Brzezinski doesn’t. Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser, now a Barack Obama backer, says he's concerned that the US is “literally running the risk of unintentionally doing what the Russians did,” and being... More »

Foreign-Policy Bigwigs Duel on Wisdom of Ending War

Brzezinski says it can't finish soon enough; Boot says US mustn't leave Iraq in lurch

(Newser) - Advisors to Barack Obama and John McCain spar over ending the Iraq war in Washington Post editorials, with Zbigniew Brzezinski saying rapid departure will likely bring stability, and Max Boot arguing it would spell disaster. The former national-security adviser says much jihadism is product of anti-American fervor, a charge Boot... More »

2 Stories