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Jeb Bush Shifts Strategy to Go After Trump

In risky move, Bush decides to fight back directly

(Newser) - This could get interesting: The big political headlines of the day are focusing on how Jeb Bush has decided to shift strategy and return fire on Donald Trump. ("Jeb Bush Takes Gloves Off" is the entry in the Wall Street Journal .) The fight so far is mostly via... More »

Trump Manages 33 Bush Insults in 35 Minutes

Washington Post: His feud with family goes back decades

(Newser) - He ripped into George HW Bush for raising taxes "monstrously" and labeled George W. Bush "a horrible president—possibly the worst in the history of this country." So it's no surprise that Donald Trump now has Jeb Bush in his crosshairs—the latest result of a... More »

Jeb Bush: On 'Anchor Babies,' I Meant 'Asian People'

Also says people need to 'chill out' a little bit

(Newser) - Jeb Bush is caught between the Democrats and Donald Trump on immigration issues and he's not finding it an easy place to be. He has been getting a hard time from the Clinton campaign for his use of the term "anchor babies" last week, and in a speech... More »

Jeb Bush Mailer Has Weird Photo Gaffe

He appears to have a black hand

(Newser) - A super PAC behind Jeb Bush sent out a mailer to residents of Iowa headlined "Why Jeb?" But what everyone seems to be asking instead is, "Why does Jeb have a black hand?" Right to Rise USA is guilty of what Time says appears to be the "... More »

Polls Like Trump, But Not Bookmakers

Jeb Bush is the easy favorite there

(Newser) - Yet another new poll shows Donald Trump way ahead of the Republican pack—in this case, a CNN survey gives him the support of 24% of GOP voters, with the nearest rival, Jeb Bush, at 13%. But the Hill takes note of a different kind of measure, one that involves... More »

Jeb Bush: My Brother Accomplished Mission in Iraq

He won't rule out return to torture

(Newser) - George W. Bush left Iraq in pretty good shape, only for President Obama to mess it all up, according to Jeb Bush. The candidate, speaking at a national security forum in Iowa yesterday, continued to defend his brother's war record, arguing that "taking out Saddam Hussein turned out... More »

Jeb Bush About to End His Ceasefire on Hillary Clinton

As ISIS grew, 'where was Secretary of State Clinton?" he will ask

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton hasn't been shy about calling out Jeb Bush, but Bush has largely held his return fire . It appears that will change in a big way tonight during a Bush foreign policy speech in California, reports Politico . Excerpts released in advance show that Bush intends to talk about... More »

Jeb Bush: I 'Misspoke' on Women's Health

He said he wasn't sure if $500m is needed

(Newser) - Jeb Bush, having apparently remembered that women make up half the electorate, has walked back comments he made yesterday suggesting that too much money is spent on their health. "I'm not sure we need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues," he told a Southern... More »

Clinton Goes After Bush as They Address Same Event

He does not return fire before the National Urban League

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush both spoke before the National Urban League in Florida today, and Clinton lit into him surprisingly hard when she went first, reports the New York Times . His super PAC's slogan is "Right to Rise," and Clinton played off theme again and again:... More »

Jeb Bush: 'People Need to Work Longer Hours'

Bush camp says he was talking about part-time, underemployed workers

(Newser) - Democrats are having a field day after Jeb Bush told New Hampshire's The Union Leader that "people need to work longer hours." To achieve his plan of 4% growth, "we have to be a lot more productive, workforce participation has to rise from its all-time modern... More »

Jeb Bush's Net Worth: Up to $22M

He has made $29M since serving as Florida's governor

(Newser) - Jeb Bush raised the pressure on his fellow candidates today by releasing 33 years worth of tax returns on his campaign website , with most stories focusing on the $29 million he has earned since leaving the Florida governor's office. He made that total from 2007 to 2013, mostly as... More »

Jeb Bush on His Criminal Associates: I Need 'Better Radar'

Presidential candidate made iffy connections in the old days

(Newser) - Running for the White House, Jeb Bush portrays himself as a man who has "worked his tail off" to get ahead in life. But in his business dealings—which involved such diverse fields as real estate, credit card services, and water pumps—the candidate seemed to benefit from his... More »

Fallon, Jeb Bush Slow Jam the News

Or should we say, the 'white LeBron'

(Newser) - Now that he's an official candidate, Jeb Bush got the "slow jam" treatment on Jimmy Fallon's show last night on NBC . Among other things, he picked up the nicknames the "white LeBron," "little Jebby," "Jebediah," and "master debater." Fallon... More »

Bush's '16 Logo Is Very Excited

Jeb Bush set to announce presidential run tomorrow

(Newser) - The third member of the Bush political dynasty to seek the Oval Office will announce his intentions officially tomorrow, but today the candidate put some punctuation on it: Jeb Bush tweeted his campaign slogan today, completing his "Jeb 2016" sentiment with an exclamation point. The excited-looking slogan harkens back... More »

Rick Perry Is Running—and Hopes We Forgot 'Oops'

Ex-Texas governor will try to overcome 2011 flub and run on policy record

(Newser) - Rick Perry is hoping America will forgive an "oops" moment : He's trying again for the country's top spot. A senior adviser speaking on condition of anonymity to the AP says the ex-Texas governor will announce today in Dallas that he's jumping into the presidential fray—and... More »

Jeb Bush: OK, I Wouldn't Have Invaded Iraq

But he wants a bigger US presence there now

(Newser) - After a week of Iraq headaches for Jeb Bush, he gave what sounds like a final answer yesterday: "Here's the deal: If we're all supposed to answer hypothetical questions, knowing what we know now, what would you have done, I would have not engaged. I would not... More »

Jeb Walks Back Endorsement of Iraq Invasion

Ex-governor acknowledges that 'mistakes were made'

(Newser) - Jeb Bush appears to be changing his tune after comments he made on Fox News this Sunday. Asked by Megyn Kelly whether, "knowing what we know now," he would "have authorized the invasion," Bush said he "would've," the New York Times reports: "... More »

Jeb Bush Registered to Vote as 'Hispanic'

Bush spokeswoman can't really explain why that happened

(Newser) - Jeb Bush seems to have erred in filling out his 2009 voter-registration application in Miami-Dade County—specifically in the "Race/Ethnicity" field, which he checked "Hispanic," the New York Times reports. The Times notes Bush's deep ties to the Hispanic community—including his Mexican wife, his fluent... More »

Indiana Gov: Law Has Been 'Grossly Misconstrued'

Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz offer support for RFRA; 'Indy Star' editors want a fix

(Newser) - Indiana governor Mike Pence is setting the record straight: Though the Religious Freedom Restoration Act "has been grossly misconstrued as a 'license to discriminate,'" its stated purpose is to guarantee "that Indiana law will respect religious freedom," he writes at the Wall Street Journal... More »

Jeb Bush Had Mysterious 2nd Email Account

Rep says 'he doesn't know what that email address is'

(Newser) - Perhaps email troubles aren't the lone realm of Hillary Clinton. An analysis of Jeb Bush's public emails shows he used a second email account while governor of Florida. Though he has shared documents relating to his public account,, those emails reference another account,, to... More »

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