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Trump Is Skipping Barbara Bush's Funeral

Melania will represent White House

(Newser) - President Trump won't be joining his wife in attending the memorial service of former first lady Barbara Bush, matriarch of a political dynasty that Trump often clashed with during his 2016 campaign. The White House said Thursday that Trump would not attend "to avoid disruptions due to added... More »

Trump's Kids Reveal Love for Dad After Jeb Bush Dig

DJT Jr., Eric Trump push back after Bush seemed to question their affection

(Newser) - Jeb Bush spoke at Yale about conservatism Tuesday, and part of his speech included a longing to return to more civil dialogue. But that wasn't before he got a barb, maybe two, of his own in. The Yale Daily News reports the former GOP presidential candidate—often skewered during... More »

Jeb Bush Drops Bid to Buy Miami Marlins: Report

Derek Jeter has joined a different potential ownership group

(Newser) - Jeb Bush has dropped out of the race for the Miami Marlins, the AP reports. The ex-presidential candidate and former Florida governor is no longer interested in buying the Marlins and has ended his pursuit of the team, two people close to the negotiations said Tuesday. One of the people... More »

Jeb Bush, Derek Jeter Buying Baseball Team: Report

Their group has reportedly won auction for Miami Marlins with $1.3B bid

(Newser) - If multiple reports are to be believed, Jeb Bush will finally be following in his brother's footsteps—as the owner of a professional baseball team. The presidential also-ran is said to be part of a group—along with former New York Yankee Derek Jeter—that will be purchasing the... More »

What It's Like to Be Beaten by Donald Trump

The heads of 3 vanquished GOP presidential campaigns look back

(Newser) - The Huffington Post sat down for a 90-minute conversation with the heads of three vanquished Republican presidential campaigns to find out "what it's like to lose to Donald Trump." Forty or so days after Trump became the presumptive nominee, the representatives of the Bush, Cruz, and Rubio... More »

Jeb Bush: Reject Trump, Vote Cruz

He's 'demonstrated the ability to appeal to voters,' says Bush

(Newser) - Jeb Bush endorsed Ted Cruz on Wednesday in what Politico calls "a massive boost for Cruz with the establishment wing of the GOP." But like other Republicans who've shown support for the Texas senator, Bush seems less than thrilled. Cruz presents "the only way Republicans can... More »

What Jeb Bush Spent $130M On

$50K on Vegas hotels, $5K on pizza

(Newser) - Some $130 million later, Jeb Bush is out of the running for president, but at least he had fun. He should have, anyway, according to campaign finances cited by the New York Times . In between dinners at the Yale Club and Nantucket's Westmoor Club, Bush and his aides stayed... More »

Bush's Downfall: Don't Blame Trump

Pundits weigh in on Jeb's doomed campaign

(Newser) - The post-mortems on Jeb Bush's failed campaign are rolling in. Some examples:
  • Don't blame Donald Trump. "What killed Jeb Bush’s campaign was first the failure of his brother’s administration, and then the emergence of Marco Rubio to present a more attractive face for its continuation,
... More »

Report: Jeb Bush's Staff Already Looking for New Gigs

'They can read the polls'

(Newser) - Many staffers with the Jeb Bush campaign are already starting the job hunt ahead of Saturday's South Carolina primary, apparently pessimistic about Bush's ability to stay in the race, Politico reports. According to the Washington Post , Bush's final campaign event in South Carolina "felt bittersweet."... More »

What's at Stake in Saturday's Races

Clinton needs to win big, while Bush may have come to the end of the road

(Newser) - Saturday is a big day for the presidential hopefuls from both parties, with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders facing off in the Nevada Democratic caucuses and Donald Trump taking on all challengers in the South Carolina Republican primary. How both of those events play out could have major impacts on... More »

Trump: Pope Has 'Awfully Big Wall at the Vatican'

But he softens his stance in general at town hall

(Newser) - Donald Trump is softening his rhetoric on Pope Francis after blasting the leader of the Catholic Church for suggesting the billionaire businessman's plan to build a wall along the US-Mexico border made him "not Christian." Trump said during a town hall event on CNN that he now... More »

Internet Rips Jeb Bush Over 'America' Gun Tweet

'This gun is already polling better than Jeb! in South Carolina'

(Newser) - On Tuesday, Jeb Bush tweeted a photo of a gun with his name engraved on it and the caption "America." No other explanation was given. As the Hill puts it: "The social media response was swift." Twitter users photoshopped new messages onto the gun or replaced... More »

Without Speaking His Name, George W. Goes After Trump

Trump doubles down on attack on Bush brothers

(Newser) - George W. Bush didn't say Donald Trump's name when he appeared at a Jeb rally in South Carolina Monday night, but everybody knew who he was talking about with references to "bluster" and "theatrics" during his 20-minute speech. "Americans are angry and frustrated, but we... More »

George W. Is Going to Appear at Jeb Rallies

He's been 'taken aback' by Trump campaign

(Newser) - Jeb Bush, mocked by Donald Trump for having his "mommy" fight his battles, is going to bring his big brother into the mix on Monday. Friends of George W. Bush tell the Washington Post that the former president is fascinated but troubled by this year's White House race... More »

Trump Calls Out Bush for Having His 'Mommy' Fight His Battles

Barbara Bush says she's 'sick' of Trump

(Newser) - It appears we're one step away from seeing an outbreak of "yo mama" jokes in the GOP presidential race. "Wow, Jeb Bush, whose campaign is a total disaster, had to bring in mommy to take a slap at me," Donald Trump tweeted Saturday. "Not nice!... More »

Jeb Bush Rolls Out Mom, George W.

'I know his good heart and his strong backbone,' George W. says in ad

(Newser) - With the pivotal New Hampshire primary just days away, Jeb Bush has decided it's time to bring out more Bushes. Barbara Bush joined her son at a town hall meeting in the state Thursday night, where he became emotional while talking about his family, reports NBC News . The former... More »

Jeb Bush to Audience: 'Please Clap'

Even supporters want NH to be his last stand

(Newser) - Jeb Bush wasn't exactly overflowing with energy the night after slumping to a sixth-place finish in Iowa, according to MSNBC . At a town hall event in New Hampshire, he had to urge the crowd to "please clap" after his declaration that the "next president needs to be... More »

Trump Impersonation Opens GOP Debate

'Everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly'

(Newser) - There was no empty podium for Donald Trump, but his absence was immediately acknowledged as the 7th GOP debate kicked off Thursday night. The first question went to Ted Cruz, via Megyn Kelly, who said, "Senator Cruz, before we get to the issues, let's address the elephant not... More »

Lindsey Graham Endorses Bush

At least one political analyst is flummoxed

(Newser) - No longer in the race himself, Lindsey Graham has revealed who he's endorsing for the GOP nominee: Jeb Bush. He made the announcement at a Friday press conference alongside a smiling Bush, per CNN . "His endorsement is very meaningful and along with it come a lot of... More »

Who Won, Lost GOP Debate

This could be curtains for Carson, pundits say

(Newser) - Thursday night's GOP debate in South Carolina may have been the last good chance for low-polling candidates to shake things up a little—but while it was a feisty affair, it was short on surprises, with front-runners Donald Trump and Ted Cruz dominating. Here's what the pundits are... More »

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