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Woman's Tumor So Big It Needs Genetic Testing

'Gigantic' ovarian mass weighed 132 pounds

(Newser) - It took five hours and more than 20 specialists, but a Connecticut woman is now free of 132 pounds—the weight of a 39-inch tumor on her left ovary. "I might expect to see a 25-pound ovarian tumor, but a 132-pound tumor is very rare," says Dr. Vaagn... More »

Women Lose Most Eggs by 30

And by age 40, Ovarian reserves fall to just 3%

(Newser) - Women find it difficult to have children later in life because they are all but out of eggs, scientists have discovered. Though women are born with an average of 300,000 eggs, their ovarian reserve declines far faster than previously thought, according to the study from the University of St.... More »

Vaccine for Ovarian Cancer 'Encouraging'

Study shows immune system can seek and kill deadly cells

(Newser) - A new vaccine for ovarian cancer has produced "encouraging" results in primary trials, the BBC reports. Ovarian cancer can be effectively treated with chemotherapy, but 70% of women with the illness die from a recurrence of the cancer within five years of diagnosis. There's "compelling evidence that the... More »

3 Stories