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How to Survive in Liberia: Chlorine, No Touching

But most Liberians don't have such luxuries, writes Lenny Bernstein

(Newser) - When Lenny Bernstein volunteered to go to Liberia to cover the Ebola outbreak last month, most of his friends and family thought he was crazy. Literally. A college buddy said, "I think you're out of your f---ing mind," Bernstein recalls at the Washington Post . Other journalists, however,... More »

UTexas Minority Students Hit With Bleach Balloons

Summer incidents had gone unreported

(Newser) - University of Texas at Austin students and staff are protesting after four students were reportedly hit with "bleach bombs"—balloons filled with bleach—while off campus. The attacks on minority students occurred between June and September, but they'd gone unreported until the campus police chief began investigating.... More »

Ex-Boyfriend Gets Lap Full of Bleach While Driving

Ex-girlfriend faces battery charges

(Newser) - A cringe-worthy item from the crime blotter, as spotted by the Gainesville Sun : Police say a woman grabbed a bottle of bleach and proceeded to soak her ex-boyfriend's lap with it—while he was driving. This, the police report helpfully points out, "produced a burning sensation in the... More »

In Jamaica, a Disturbing Number Bleach Skin

Health officials warn against the practice, but trend persists

(Newser) - In Jamaica, the popular trend of skin bleaching has reached disturbing and dangerous heights, doctors say. Despite public health campaigns warning against the practice, many residents purchase concoctions—sometimes from roadside vendors—that claim to lighten the skin. One dermatologist even had a patient who started bleaching her baby. "... More »

Cleaners May Trigger Asthma

Common household products blamed for 1 in 7 cases

(Newser) - Cleaning products with bleach and air fresheners may cause asthma, or aggravate symptoms, even if those products are used only once a week, according to new research. As many as 1 in 7 asthma cases may be caused by exposure to household cleaners, says a study in the American Journal ... More »

5 Stories