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Dungeons & Dragons Crowdsources New Rules

Wizards of the Coast tries to mend fences after divisive fourth edition

(Newser) - Nerds of the world, grab your d20s, because Dungeons and Dragons needs you. Wizards of the Coast is relaunching its original roleplaying game, and in a bid to win over disaffected fans, it plans to post the rules online for public play-testing, the New York Times reports. D&D has... More »

Porn Stars Play Dungeons & Dragons

Sasha Grey and friends embrace their inner geeks

(Newser) - What might make Dungeons & Dragons more appealing to people not particularly interested in role-playing games? How about adding porn stars, a stripper, and Sasha Grey? Everyone stays clothed and the conversation stays fairly G-rated—there's one double entendre about sucking—as the Escapist, an online gaming magazine, infiltrates a... More »

Virtual Business Yields Real Profits

Second Life hosts $567M economy

(Newser) - The real economy is mired in recession, but on sites like Second Life, the virtual economy's booming. Thanks to opportunities for entrepreneurs in everything from hats to land, user-to-user transactions totaled to over $567 million in real dollars last year. "The barriers to entry are really, really low for... More »

Spore Sparkles, But Gameplay's a Little Dim

Game delivers on 'universe in a box' hype, but that doesn't mean it's great

(Newser) - Most critics are positive about Spore, but you’ll likely get a different answer from each about why. Troy Wolverton, writing in the San Jose Mercury News, found the game “engrossing,” though he wonders whether it will live up to the “massive hype.” In the New ... More »

Dungeons & Dragons Co-Creator Dead at 69

Gary Gygax rocked the gaming world

(Newser) - Widely revered Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax, regarded as the father of role-playing games, has died at his home in Wisconsin after years of health problems, AP reports. He was 69. Together with Dave Arneson, Gygax created the massively popular medieval fantasy Dungeons & Dragons in 1974 that struck... More »

Exploding World of Warcraft Population Hits 10M

Online fantasy game has most subscribers in genre

(Newser) - Online role-playing game World of Warcraft has topped 10 million subscribers, making it by far the most popular game of its kind, reports. The fantasy kingdom of Azeroth now has a higher population than many of the real world's countries. More than half of the game's addicts are... More »

Singapore Lifts Ban on Game With Lesbian Love

Mass Effect can be sold with M18 rating

(Newser) - Gamers in Singapore may now buy Microsoft's Mass Effect despite a female-female love scene. The country has decided to allow the sale of the video game under an M18 rating, reports Singapore's Straits Times, after previously banning it due to a scene showing a human woman and an alien woman... More »

Shot on Location—in Azeroth

(Newser) - World of Warcraft is home to 9 million adventurers—and one film crew. A team of New York-based programmers, filmmakers and geeks has been shooting a feature-length movie entirely within the online game, a uniquely difficult location shoot. “The crew doesn't usually start running off after their mortal enemy... More »

8 Stories