Li Keqiang

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China: 'We Don't Want to See a Trade War'

Premier says Beijing won't use US debt as leverage

(Newser) - Premier Li Keqiang said Tuesday that China doesn't want to see a "trade war" with the United States and hopes to reach a negotiated settlement of disputes. Speaking at a nationally televised news conference, Li said rash action would hurt all sides. He made no mention of a... More »

As China Wraps Transition, Xi Vows to Clean Up Govt.

Xi and Li strike populist tone, want to crack down on corruption

(Newser) - China's new leaders struck a populist tone today as they got down to the painstaking work of governing, promising cleaner government, less red tape, and more fairness to a still small middle class. In appearances that mark the completion of a months-long, orchestrated leadership transition, President Xi Jinping and... More »

China Dubs Li Keqiang New Premier

Will take on economy, domestic concerns

(Newser) - Yesterday, China officially selected its new president ; today, the country has chosen its new premier, Li Keqiang. At Beijing's National People's Congress, Li was confirmed to follow Wen Jiabao, winning 2,940 votes to three, the BBC reports. Already the Communist Party's no. 2, Li will lead... More »

China Picks New Politboro Young Bloods

Youngest may vie for top spot in 5 years

(Newser) - The Chinese Communist Party named its newest leaders yesterday, including the man favored to succeed current president Hu Jintao, reports the Washington Post. Xi Jinping, 54, is the son of a Chinese guerrilla leader who rose to the top of the Shanghai branch of the Communist Party, making him a... More »

After Hu, Who? Censored Names Could Be Clues

Based on names forbidden to bloggers, bets are on Xi Jinping

(Newser) - In a 21st-century spin on Kremlinologists' dissection of May Day photos, the new makeup of the Chinese Communist Party's inner circle is under scrutiny—digitally. One of the  members to be announced Monday will almost certainly succeed Hu Jintao as president, and as always, the names are shrouded in secrecy.... More »

Chinese Prez Rips Corruption

(Newser) - China's President Hu Jintao blasted the "extravagance and corruption" of some Communist officials at a key party congress today as he warned that the nation's promise has "fallen short" of public expectation. He also cautioned that "independence" forces were growing stronger in Taiwan and that the island... More »

6 Stories