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The Very Best of Viral Video

Many have tried, but few have surpassed the popularity of these online mega-hits

(Newser) - Humor, embarrassment, obscenity, and silliness are a recipe for success in the age of YouTube. PC World clicks on the classics of a young medium:
  1. Bush and Kerry Sing "This Land Is Your Land": JibJab puts itself on the map.
  2. The Coke and Mentos Experiments: Geysers of soda set
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The Force Is With YouTube

(Newser) - Darth Vader may be dead, but his brother is alive and well on YouTube, and has made a couple of former cable-access producers something of a force. Focusing on the power of YouTube to launch entertainment careers, the New York Times chronicles the adventures of  Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan,... More »

2 Stories