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Prove You're STD-Free? There's an App for That

Healthvana lets you quickly share sexual history with partners via smartphone

(Newser) - You're dating, things are going great—and then comes that awkward moment when your partner casually inquires, "So, hey, um … got any STDs?" Well, next time that happens, you can verbally relay your sexual history or you can whip out your smartphone and call up Healthvana, a... More »

400K Americans Have Chlamydia, Don't Know It

Almost a quarter of 1.8M US cases undiagnosed

(Newser) - Hundreds of thousands of Americans—especially black teenage girls—have a disease that could leave them infertile but don't know it, federal health officials warn. Researchers say that around 1.7% of men and women aged 14 to 39 have chlamydia, which adds up to 1.8 million cases... More »

America Mired in 'Severe Epidemic' of Chlamydia, HPV

Top 8 STIs running rampant, CDC finds

(Newser) - Happy Valentine's Day! To celebrate, the CDC got you a romantic little pair of studies that declare America to be in the midst of "an ongoing, severe STI epidemic." With 20 million new infections in 2008 (the most recent year studied in the reports) and 110 million... More »

Chlamydia, Gonorrhea on the Rise

Syphilis rate remains the same

(Newser) - Both chlamydia and gonorrhea are growing more prevalent in the US—especially among young people and gay and bisexual men, a CDC report finds. The agency reports 1.4 million chlamydia infections in 2011, with 457.6 cases per 100,000 people, up 8% from 423.6 per 100,000... More »

Koalas Face Extinction by Climate, Chlamydia?

Changing world strips diet-staple eucalyptus of nutrients

(Newser) - Australia's koalas face extinction as their population has been decimated by climate change and the loss of trees due to development and wildfires. Six years ago, they were thought to number more than 100,000; today, their count is as low as 43,000. Threats to their diet of eucalyptus... More »

DC to Offer STD Tests to All Students

Pilot program found that 13% of youths had chlamydia, gonorrhea

(Newser) - All DC high school students will be offered testing for sexually-transmitted diseases, the Washington Post reports. The move follows a pilot program at eight schools last year in which 13% of 3,000 students tested positive for STDs, mostly chlamydia and gonorrhea. The new plan says students must watch a... More »

Teen Pregnancies, STDs Increase: CDC

Figures raise concerns after positive trends

(Newser) - After declining in 1991-2005, the US teen birth rate climbed in 2006 and 2007, HealthDay News reports. Crunching numbers from 2002-07, the Centers for Disease Control found a number of trends had flatlined or worsened after a period of improvement.
  • 2004 saw 745,000 pregnancies among females under 20, including
... More »

Chlamydia Cases Hit Record High

Doctors worry number of hidden cases could be much higher

(Newser) - Known cases of chlamydia in the US have topped a million for the first time, with the highest rates among adolescent girls, USA Today reports. Under-reporting of the sexually transmitted disease means the real number could be nearly three times higher. Syphilis and gonorrhea are also on the rise, partly... More »

Chlamydia Makes Men Infertile

Antibiotics treatment helps 86% of couples conceive

(Newser) - Chlamydia makes men infertile too, a new study finds. Spanish scientists say that infected sperm has three times more damage, or DNA fragmentation, as healthy sperm. Its density, shape and swimming ability also decline. But an antibiotics treatment repaired the damage by 36% over 4 months, and almost 90% of... More »

9 Stories


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