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Cops: Woman Had 2 Kids With Boy She Met at a Park

He's 15 years her junior, police say

(Newser) - A 29-year-old woman met a boy 15 years her junior at a Denver park and started a sexual relationship with him resulting in two children, prosecutors say. Authorities allege Alicia Hernandez, now 33, first met the boy in 2011 or 2012—when he was just 14, though he claims he... More »

Denver Parents Find Hooters Girls at Cub Scout Day Camp

And they weren't happy about it

(Newser) - Parents who went to pick up their Cub Scouts from a day camp in Denver were likely excited to hear about their sons' experience, but that excitement was quickly marred when they found out the camp had been sponsored by Hooters, the AP reports. Although pictures accompanying a Facebook post... More »

$30M Lawsuit: My Murder Confession at 14 Was Coerced

Lawrence Montoya says his civil rights were violated

(Newser) - Lawrence Rubin Montoya was 14 years old when a jury found him guilty of killing a Denver schoolteacher in the early hours of Jan. 1, 2000. Sentenced to life in prison, Montoya served more than 13 years before his conviction was overturned and he was released in 2014. Now Montoya,... More »

911 Dispatcher Told Them to Return to Scene of Crime; One Ended Up Dead

A court just found the dispatcher not liable

(Newser) - A Colorado 911 dispatcher may have been "foolish" and acting "incompetently," but he's not responsible for the death of a Sudanese immigrant four years ago, according to a court ruling Tuesday. The Denver Post reports Jimma Pal Reat, his brother Ran Pal, and others were driving... More »

Guy Gets Cab Ride to, From Bank Robbery

Police say suspect had taxi drive him to bank, then airport

(Newser) - Authorities say a man who held up a Denver bank got a cab ride to and from the robbery. The Denver Post reports the FBI is asking for the public's help to find the suspect. Authorities say the man took a cab to the bank, asked the driver to... More »

School District Gives Rifles to Security Guards

'It better be well thought out'

(Newser) - A suburban Denver school district is arming its security staff with military-style semiautomatic rifles to protect students in case of a school shooting or other violent attack, the AP reports. The guards, who are not law enforcement officers, already carry handguns. Douglas County School District security director Richard Payne told... More »

In Colorado, 70 Degrees One Day, Then Record Blizzard

12.1 inches fell on Denver

(Newser) - In like a lion, out like a lion? A day after temperatures reached 70 degrees, 12.1 inches of snow blanketed Denver International Airport on Wednesday—with the spring snow entering the books as the biggest snow accumulation of 2016, reports CBS Denver . With snow falling as fast as 2... More »

The 10 Best US Cities to Call Home

There are some surprises

(Newser) - Looking for a fresh start somewhere? US News & World Report just released its first list of the best places to live in America. The publication used data from the US Census Bureau, FBI, and more; its own rankings of high schools and hospitals; and a survey of thousands of... More »

He Was Jailed After a Woman's Dream. Now He's Free

Cops mistakenly destroyed DNA evidence 20 years ago

(Newser) - A 28-year nightmare is over for a Denver man who says he was wrongly convicted after a neighbor who had been raped and beaten told police his face appeared to her in a dream. A judge overturned the 1988 conviction of 60-year-old Clarence Moses-EL on Tuesday and he was freed... More »

Once-Homeless Dad Whose Story Went Viral Is Paying it Forward

James Moss is now helping the homeless himself

(Newser) - A once-homeless single father who was recently helped by the kindness of strangers is now helping other homeless people. James Moss moved to Denver from New York because he wanted to raise his young son in a more "peaceful place," he explained to Leon Logothetis, who found Moss... More »

Why Denver's Airport Has So Many Crazy Tales

Atlas Obscura rounds up the conspiracy theories

(Newser) - Airports are routinely ranked on things like arrival and departure times, but if there were a category for conspiracy theories, one airport would take first place every time: Denver International. Atlas Obscura rounds up some of the more bizarre ones surrounding the airport, which happens to be the largest by... More »

Marijuana Having Big Impact on Denver Real Estate

'It's a new and disruptive industry'

(Newser) - Legal marijuana is having a dramatic effect on real estate in Denver, leading to the reinvigoration of the city's industrial areas while potentially making the rest of the city unaffordable for longtime residents. Commercial real estate firm CBRE tells the Denver Post marijuana "kick-started the recovery of the... More »

Dubya on Ted Cruz: 'I Just Don't Like the Guy'

Remarks against brother's rival at donor event surprise attendees

(Newser) - Finally, someone other than Donald Trump is annoying the GOP establishment. Former President George W. Bush attended a donor event for brother Jeb's campaign Sunday in Denver, and according to a handful of attendees, Dubya had a lot to say about Ted Cruz, who served as a domestic policy... More »

Jury Rules in Case of Wife 'Pushed Off Cliff'

Harold Henthorn was accused of first-degree murder

(Newser) - A man accused of pushing his wife off a cliff may spend the rest of his life in prison. Today a Denver jury found Harold Henthorn, 59, guilty of premeditated murder in the death of wife Toni Henthorn, who took a 140-foot fall at Rocky Mountain National Park three years... More »

Nation's First Marijuana TV Ad to Air in Denver

It will run before Jimmy Kimmel's show

(Newser) - People in Denver settling in to watch Jimmy Kimmel's show Monday night will see a little bit of television history—the nation's first TV ad for a marijuana company. As Cannabist reports, it will be a short spot for a company called Neos that sells vape pens with... More »

America's Oldest Hippo Dies

Denver Zoo's venerable Bertie was 58

(Newser) - The oldest hippo in America—and possibly the world—has celebrated his last Bertday. Bertie, a 58-year-old male, was euthanized at Denver Zoo yesterday after keepers noticed a steep decline in the aging animal's quality of life, the Denver Post reports. Hippos don't usually make it much past... More »

3 Boys in Custody Over Guns at Middle School

Denver police say they had some kind of smoke device, too

(Newser) - Three boys are in custody over a scare at a middle school in Denver. Police haven't divulged many details surrounding yesterday's arrests, other than a few alarming facts: The boys had two guns and a smoke bomb of some kind, reports 9 News . Authorities say the arrests were... More »

Cops: Uber Driver Returned to Rob House After Drop-Off

He didn't realize airport passenger had a roommate

(Newser) - A Uber driver in Denver was arrested—and "deactivated" by the company—yesterday after allegedly trying to break into the home of a woman he had just dropped off at the airport. Police say that while alleged would-be burglar Gerald Montgomery knew the woman would be out of town,... More »

Why 'Mile-High City' Is So High Up

It has to do with water from millions of years ago

(Newser) - What makes the High Plains so darned high? Well, geologists say, maybe the Earth just got lighter and floated up like a plank of wood for millions of years. In the journal Geology , experts say water beneath the Western US may have infiltrated an area of the continental plate and... More »

Denver Airport: No More Pot-Themed Souvenirs

'There's more to our state,' airport spokesman says

(Newser) - People flying out of the main airport in the Mile High City will no longer be allowed to buy souvenirs to remind them of how they got legally high there. Marijuana is still banned in Denver International Airport and authorities have decided to ban marijuana-themed keepsakes as well, reports USA ... More »

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