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Intel Suit Exposes 'Squishy' Antitrust Laws

Predatory behavior or competition?

(Newser) - Washington's probe into Intel exposed just how "squishy" antitrust issues can be, Joe Nocera writes in the New York Times. What rival chipmaker AMD has called "predatory behavior" can also be seen as "good old-fashioned competition. What makes antitrust so maddening is that the answer depends as... More »

FTC Opens Antitrust Investigation of Intel

Smaller rival AMD has long accused it of unfair practices

(Newser) - The FTC has opened a formal investigation of Intel over allegations of monopolistic business practices, the Wall Street Journal reports. The world's biggest semiconductor company, which denies any wrongdoing, received a subpoena this week. Intel also learned that it faces a $25.4 million antitrust fine from South Korea, even... More »

Piles of Evidence Delay Intel Antitrust Trial

AMD has accused Intel of banned business moves

(Newser) - With countless documents and hundreds of witnesses to sort through, chip maker Advanced Micro Devices’ antitrust lawsuit against Intel won’t begin until 2010 at the earliest, the Wall Street Journal reports. AMD has long accused Intel of corrupt business practices; the delay comes after a Korean court ruled that... More »

Chip Maker AMD Gets Emirate Cash

Abu Dhabi buys 8.1% stake in Intel rival for $622 million

(Newser) - The government of Abu Dhabi, through its investment arm, bought an 8.1% stake in Advanced Micro Devices for $622 million. It will receive 49 million newly-issued AMD shares, but won't get any board representation. The computer chip maker desperately needs the cash after a $396 million loss during the... More »

Intel: Honey, I Shrunk the Processor

Chip shrinks nearly a third to minuscule 45 nanometer process

(Newser) - Intel is rolling out a line of processors today that breaks brave new ground in micro-sizing —the chips are the first ever to be mass-produced with a  45 nanometer process, nearly a third smaller than today's 65 nanometer technology. The development gives the company an edge over rival Advanced... More »

Microchips Earning Maxi Profits

Intel net income boosted 43% by huge demand for laptops

(Newser) - Silicon Valley giant Intel, whose microchips are an integral part of most computers, reported a 43% jump in net income to $1.86 billion for the third quarter—and forecast another increase in the current quarter. The company is firing on all cylinders, with investors driving up the stock 26%... More »

6 Stories