David Petraeus

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Petraeus Pleads Guilty, Avoids Jail

He gets 2 years' probation, fine of $100K over classified leak

(Newser) - After a monumental scandal and a two-year FBI investigation that sullied the reputation of David Petraeus, the case ended today in unspectacular fashion: He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and avoided jail time, reports the Los Angeles Times . The former CIA director got two years' probation and a $100,000... More »

Petraeus Got a Way Better Deal Than Other Leakers

Letter points out 'profound double standard'

(Newser) - When Stephen J. Kim , a former State Department contractor, leaked classified information about North Korea to Fox News in an effort to bring attention to the danger that country poses, he was given a 13-month sentence. Yet David Petraeus gave his journals, which contained top-secret notes, to the lover writing... More »

Petraeus' Deal: a Guilty Plea

It relates to classified material found on his lover's computer

(Newser) - Though the New York Times in January reported that ex-CIA chief David Petraeus had no interest in a plea deal over his alleged mishandling of classified materials, it seems he has arrived at just that. The DOJ today released a statement saying Petraeus has agreed to plead guilty to a... More »

Next Pentagon Chief Could Be a Woman

Michèle Flournoy has been the department's highest-ranking woman

(Newser) - Following Chuck Hagel's exit as defense secretary, the obvious question is who might replace him. One leading possibility: former undersecretary of defense for policy Michèle Flournoy—the defense department's highest-ranking woman ever, ABC News reports. She stepped down in 2012 and now heads a nonpartisan national security... More »

Bad Idea: Pal Mails Petraeus Fake Grenade

NYPD called in after secretary opens package

(Newser) - If David Petraeus was still running the CIA, he might call for some "enhanced interrogation techniques" to be used on a buddy who thought it would be funny to mail a fake grenade to the general's New York City office. The package was opened by the general's... More »

College Students Protest New Professor—David Petraeus

CUNY lecture picketed by students, staff

(Newser) - The City University of New York may have dropped the salary of its new "visiting professor" David Petraeus from $200,000 to $1 , but that hasn't silenced critics of his appointment. Petraeus' teaching appearance at the uni last week drew some 100 protestors, reports the Guardian . "A... More »

Why Do Famous People Get Paid So Much?

Ex-politicians jump on the star gravy-train and cash in, George Packer observes

(Newser) - Harry Truman once said he could "never lend myself to any transaction, however respectable, that would commercialize on the prestige and dignity of the office." But boy has that sentiment ever gone out of style. Bill Clinton made $17 million in speaking fees last year, and Hillary makes... More »

Petraeus Takes a Pay Cut: $200K to $1

CUNY revises his 'visiting professor' salary amid criticism

(Newser) - David Petraeus and the City University of New York have been embroiled in a minor scandal this month, after it was revealed the former CIA chief was going to be paid $200,000 a year to teach at the college part-time. Now CUNY has revised his "visiting professor" salary—... More »

Socialite Sues FBI, Pentagon in Petraeus Scandal

Jill Kelley says officials deliberately leaked false info

(Newser) - The Florida socialite whose complaints about threatening emails ended up exposing David Petraeus' affair with his biographer is suing the FBI and the Department of Defense for leaking her name—and "false and defamatory" information about her. Jill Kelley's lawsuit says she and her husband were dragged into... More »

Real Culprit of Benghazi Talking Points: Petraeus, CIA

'Washington Post' says they were mostly intended to make the CIA look good

(Newser) - So far, most of the public anger about the Benghazi scandal has focused on the State Department. But the Washington Post has an in-depth piece today suggesting that the real blame for the infamous talking points may lie with everyone's favorite philandering ex-spy chief, David Petraeus. "It was... More »

Petraeus' New Gig: University Professor

Retired general to lecture at City University of NY

(Newser) - Ex-CIA director David Petraeus is replacing one kind of intelligence work with another. Macaulay Honors College at City University of New York says the retired four-star general has been named a visiting professor for public policy, starting in August. Petraeus, who left the CIA after an extramarital affair was exposed... More »

Petraeus Apologizes to Standing Ovations

Looks to mend image in first speech since scandal

(Newser) - As anticipated , David Petraeus has marked his return to public life with an apology for the sex scandal that ended his career, snagging two standing ovations in the process. "Please allow me to begin my remarks this evening by reiterating how deeply I regret and apologize for the... More »

Petraeus Launches Return to Public Life

USC speech marks first major appearance since scandal

(Newser) - David Petraeus has been keeping a low profile since stepping down as CIA director last fall over the Paula Broadwell affair , but a speech at the University of Southern California tonight will mark his return to public life. At an event honoring veterans, Petraeus will apologize for the circumstances that... More »

Pentagon Accused of Organizing Shiite Torture Squads

Witnesses put key US military personnel at torture sites

(Newser) - The Pentagon directly oversaw the creation of a Shiite militia force that set up secret detention sites and tortured opponents during the US occupation of Iraq, as part of American attempts to put down the budding Sunni insurgency, according to a new report by the Guardian that is being called... More »

Paula Broadwell May Go Public, Too

Howard Kurtz says Petraeus mistress hopes to resume media career

(Newser) - Now that Jill Kelley has broken her silence , Paula Broadwell is strongly considering doing the same, sources close to David Petraeus' former mistress tell Howard Kurtz at the Daily Beast . Broadwell is eager to resume her media career, and because that career involves being in the public eye, she's... More »

Gen. Allen Back on Track to Run NATO

White House to move ahead with his nomination

(Newser) - Now that Gen. John Allen has been cleared of wrongdoing over his emails to Tampa socialite Jill Kelley, his military career is apparently none the worse. The White House said today it will proceed with his nomination to become commander of NATO forces in Europe, reports the AP . The nomination... More »

Pentagon Clears Gen. John Allen in Email Inquiry

He violated no rules in messages to Jill Kelley

(Newser) - The scandal centering on Tampa socialite Jill Kelley may have brought down David Petraeus , but another general— John Allen —will survive. The Pentagon's inspector general pored over the trove of emails between Allen and Kelley and concluded that he did nothing unbecoming of an officer, reports the Washington ... More »

Jill Kelley on Those Emails From Broadwell: 'Threats'

She speaks, for first time, to Daily Beast

(Newser) - Today's buzziest interview is with Jill Kelley , the Florida socialite who factored into the David Petraeus-Paula Broadwell scandal in a big way. She talks, for the first time, to Howard Kurtz of the Daily Beast , in a two-hour interview peppered with words like "terrified" and "blackmail."... More »

Culprit in a Third of Military's Top Brass Firings? Sex

Rise in ethical lapses alarms military

(Newser) - The US military has a sex problem. Sexual misconduct has been the leading reason for the firing of military commanders over the last eight years, accounting for almost one-third, or 78 of 255 firings since 2005, an AP analysis of statistics finds. Notably among them was Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair,... More »

Murdoch Tried to Buy US Presidency—Media Yawn

Carl Bernstein rips into coverage at Washington Post, elsewhere

(Newser) - Carl Bernstein can't quite believe how the US media mostly ignored what he sees as a bombshell story: As his Watergate partner Bob Woodward revealed earlier this month , Rupert Murdoch tried to get David Petreaus to run for president last year, promising to bankroll his campaign and give him... More »

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