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Village Voice Runs Child Sex Ads: Protesters

Son of founder Norman Mailer joins march against

(Newser) - Protesters marched to the offices of the Village Voice in New York yesterday, slamming the weekly paper for allegedly running ads for child prostitutes in its adult classified section, Among the hundred demonstrators was the son of Norman Mailer, the paper's founder. "This was once a... More »

10 Failed Celeb Political Bids

Wyclef Jean will be in good company if he loses

(Newser) - Wyclef Jean is running for president of Haiti , but already things aren’t going well for the controversy-plagued singer. If he loses, he won’t be the first celebrity to suffer a failed political campaign: Time lists 10 others:
  • Norman Mailer: Despite being a literary giant, the Pulitzer Prize- and
... More »

Hipsters 101: Their History, Bleak Future

Their main enclave is threatened, but no one seems to care

(Newser) - Hipsters. They “sneer when you cop to liking Coldplay”; they “sport cowboy hats and berets”; they’re “the only ones in America who still think Pabst Blue Ribbon is a good beer.” But they’re certainly not a new phenomenon, writes Dan Fletcher for Time. The... More »

Scammer: I Forged Author Signatures

'Autographed' first editions brought big bucks in eBay fraud

(Newser) - A man who made more than $300,000 by selling "autographed" first editions of books that actually contained forged signatures pleaded guilty to fraud in a Philadelphia court today. Forrest Smith's offerings on eBay included books by Truman Capote, Norman Mailer, Anne Rice, Tom Wolfe, and Tom Clancy,... More »

This Year's Bad-Sex Winners

Paulo Coehlo, John Updike make shortlist for Bad Sex in Fiction award

(Newser) - Ten authors have joined the distinguished ranks of such literary luminaries as Norman Mailer and Tom Wolfe—as nominees for the annual Literary Review Bad Sex in Fiction award. The dubious honor singles out “otherwise sound literary” fiction that includes “unconvincing, perfunctory, embarrassing or redundant passages of a... More »

Mistress Recalls Mailer Sex Roles

Casting couch among Pulitzer-winner's role-play favorites, Carole Mallory says

(Newser) - Norman Mailer’s fanciful sex life is giving his best-selling books a run for their money as his legacy, the New York Post reports. Mailer's longtime lover Carole Mallory—who recently hawked her X-rated writings about Mailer's sexual experimentation to Harvard—says the Pulitzer Prize-winner "liked me to dress... More »

Lover Suspected Mailer of Gay Sex

Mistress jotted suspicions in archives purchased by Harvard

(Newser) - One of Norman Mailer’s mistresses suspected the writer of having a gay affair—or perhaps several, reports the Times of London. Mailer also asked lover Carole Mallory to have three-way sex with a gay man, according to her notes in archives recently purchased by Harvard University. One of the... More »

Harvard Buys Mailer Mistress' Lusty Litany

Papers include 50-page sex scene based on relationship

(Newser) - Harvard missed out on acquiring the papers of late novelist Norman Mailer, but it's bought the next-best thing—those of his longtime mistress Carole Mallory, the New York Post reports. The package includes a 20-page sex scene from an unpublished memoir called Making Love With Norman. "Norman was a... More »

Late Mailer Wins 'Bad Sex' Prize

Posthumous award for scenes of Hitler's incestuous lovemaking

(Newser) - Norman Mailer was garlanded with prizes throughout his career, but one posthumous honor might have made him chuckle: a British magazine has bestowed on him its annual award for bad sex in fiction. Mailer's last novel, The Castle in the Forest, imagines the youth of Adolf Hitler, complete with long,... More »

Literary Bull Blundered and Thrived

Time and Salon critics recall brilliant, failed, iconic Mailer

(Newser) - Egotist, chauvinist, brawler, Mailer battled "a culture subsiding into room temperature," Time says. His work vented "his own inner conditions" as he lurched from fame at age 25 to so-so books to his "brilliant" Armies of the Night in 1968. He made big gaffes—blaming patients... More »

Norman Mailer Dead at 84

Literary legend's 6-decade career included 2 Pulitzers

(Newser) - Norman Mailer, one of the 20th century's literary lions and a pioneer of the genre that came to be known as New Journalism, died this morning. He was 84. His career spanned 6 decades and more than 40 books, from 1948's The Naked and the Dead to this year's The ... More »

Norman Mailer Back in Hospital

After lung collapse, ex-wife says combative writer not ‘doing well’

(Newser) - Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Norman Mailer was hospitalized yesterday in New York for respiratory ailments; his ex-wife said surgery had succeeded in removing scar tissue after a lung collapse—but she worried that he’s “not in very good shape.” It's the second recent scare for the 84-year-old... More »

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