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1st Major American Sports Org Bans Kneeling During Anthem

US Soccer says national team players must 'stand respectfully'

(Newser) - US Soccer is, by all appearances, the first major American sports organization to ban kneeling during the national anthem, Deadspin reports. US Soccer first addressed the issue last September after Megan Rapinoe took a knee in protest during the national anthem prior to a match. Rapinoe said she was kneeling... More »

Could This Be Our First US Soccer Superstar?

Christian Pulisic is only 18 and already a phenomenon

(Newser) - Sweeter than his hometown of Hershey, Pa., is the potential represented by 18-year-old Christian Pulisic for American soccer fans: the chance for the US to claim its first bona fide soccer superstar. The Ringer profiles Pulisic, who takes to the pitch for both US Soccer and Germany's Borussia Dortmund... More »

US Soccer Star Kneels Before National Team Game

US Soccer says it expects players to stand

(Newser) - Megan Rapinoe knelt during the national anthem before a US women's national team match against Thailand on Thursday night, the AP reports. Rapinoe first knelt during the anthem Sept. 4 before a game with her National Women's Soccer League team, the Seattle Reign. Rapinoe, a devoted advocate for... More »

5 Women Stars Hit US Soccer With Equal Pay Complaint

USWNT players say they're paid 40% of what male counterparts make

(Newser) - Five players acting on behalf of the US women's national soccer team have filed a complaint against the US Soccer Federation, alleging they're paid 40% of what their male counterparts earn, despite winning three World Cups and four Olympic gold medals. In a federal complaint filed with the... More »

Lightning Strikes Soccer Fan, Cancels Match

'Like a bomb went off' outside Columbus Crew stadium

(Newser) - Lightning struck an off-duty firefighter last night as he stood in the parking lot of the Columbus Crew's stadium, landing him in an Ohio hospital and canceling the soccer match as violent storms moved through the area. Medical crews revived Stu Tudor, 54, after he was hit, but the... More »

Germany Wins, but US Advances to Round of 16

Portugal's narrow win over Ghana eliminates both teams

(Newser) - It may not have been the glorious triumph some fans were hoping for, but the US is advancing out of its group and into the round of 16, after a 1-0 loss to Germany today. Thomas Mueller scored his fourth goal of the tournament to give the Germans the win,... More »

It's Do or Tie for US and Germany

Jurgen Klinsmann thinks you should take the day off work to watch the match

(Newser) - This is it. The US men's national team plays a climactic match against powerhouse Germany at noon today, and, as USA Today's For the Win blog puts it, "It's do or … tie … or lose with better goal differential … or something." Confused? Or... More »

US' World Cup Draw Is Horrific

They'll have to face Germany, Portugal, and Ghana

(Newser) - The World Cup 2014 draw was today, and it did not go well for the US. It seems the good old USA will have to face off against Germany, Portugal, and perhaps most terrifyingly of all, Ghana, in Group G, in what commentators are widely calling the "group of... More »

US Soccer Team Sorry for Snubbing Troops

They ignored welcoming party in Guatemala

(Newser) - The US soccer team has apologized for completely ignoring American troops who gathered on the tarmac at an airport in Guatemala to welcome them to the country. The team, headed for a World Cup qualifier, walked straight past the lines of troops without a word. Some of the service members,... More »

US Men's Soccer Knocked Out of Olympics

El Salvador scores last-minute goal to knock out U-23 team

(Newser) - The US won't be competing in men's soccer at the Olympics, thanks to a heartbreaking goal that came literally at the last minute. El Salvador battled the US to a 3-3 draw last night, the AP reports; the US, which had been heavily favored to win its group... More »

Beckham Signs New 2-Year Deal With LA Galaxy

Turns down millions more to play in Europe

(Newser) - David Beckham will be an Angeleno for at least another couple years: The English soccer star has signed a new two-year contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy, turning down an offer from a French club in order to return to Major League Soccer. That deal, from Paris-St. Germain, was for... More »

US Soccer Team Cans Coach

Bob Bradley out; Jurgen Klinsmann's name kicked around

(Newser) - Soccer coach Bob Bradley has been fired after more than four years at the helm of Team USA. Bradley was rehired until 2014 after the US reached the second round of the 2010 World Cup finals, but few people are surprised by the move now to replace him, the Washington ... More »

Face It, the US Choked

'It wasn’t a lack of skill. It was a lack of nerve,' Brian Straus argues

(Newser) - Make excuses if you like, but after watching the Women’s World Cup final , Brian Straus came to just one conclusion: “The Americans, quite simply, choked on the sport’s biggest stage,” he writes for Sporting News . The US should have put this thing away in the first... More »

In Hellbent Abby Wambach, a Single Goal

US soccer star would 'give up everything' for a World Cup win today

(Newser) - As the storied US women's soccer team takes the field in Frankfurt today, all eyes of a hopeful nation are on the 5-foot-11, 170-pound train in the No. 20 jersey leading her team in the charge against Japan. At 31, the indomitable Abby Wambach knows this could be her... More »

Qatar World Cup Pick Proves FIFA Is Dirty

Grant Wahl smells a rat is the desert

(Newser) - American soccer fans are furious that FIFA picked Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup over the US, and with good reason, writes Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated . He calls the pick “the biggest indictment possible that FIFA is not a clean organization.” If the US had lost... More »

Landon Donovan: I'll Support Love Child

Married-but-separated soccer star doesn't deny paternity

(Newser) - The day after Ghana ended US midfielder Landon Donovan's run of glory at the World Cup, a British woman dealt a blow to the soccer star's squeaky-clean image by announcing that she's carrying Donovan's love child. "I was informed of the possibility during the World Cup, and if I... More »

US Team Has Soccer Rarity: College Grads

Rest of the world skips straight to the pros

(Newser) - The United States may not have the best team at the World Cup, but it definitely has the best educated, because American players actually go to college, the Wall Street Journal reports. In the rest of the world, promising stars get pro jobs so fast it would make LeBron James’... More »


Donovan knocks it in in stoppage time to put the US through

(Newser) - The US team made it through to the group stage on a dramatic, stoppage-time goal from Landon Donovan. All seemed lost for the US after 90 minutes, reports NESN, with the team desperately needing a goal to advance. What looked like a goal earlier from Clint Dempsey had been disallowed... More »

US Faces Decisive Match Against Algeria

It's probably a win-or-go-home scenario

(Newser) - One more game, one last chance to make their reputation. When the Americans play Algeria at the World Cup today (10am Eastern), they'll either live up to all the hype and earn a spot among the final 16 teams—or lose a watershed opportunity. "It's important for us because... More »

US Soccer Star's BMW Firebombed in Scotland

DaMarcus Beasley OK; $80K ride totaled

(Newser) - An $80,000 BMW belonging to American soccer star DaMarcus Beasley was firebombed late Monday outside his home in an upscale neighborhood of Glasgow, Scotland, where he plays for the city’s Rangers club. Nobody was injured in the incident. A witness tells the Daily Record : “The guy put... More »

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