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Jim Morrison's Birthplace Wants Him Back

Fla. city councilman seeks move from Paris

(Newser) - The Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris has long been rumored to be getting tired of its most famous American resident—and the tributes his fans leave behind—but a fan in Jim Morrison's Florida birthplace says he has a new home for the the Doors singer. John Tice, a... More »

Jim Morrison Fans Want Him to Have Albuquerque 'Spot'

Jim Morrison lived in New Mexico home for 2 years, and they want it preserved

(Newser) - One of Jim Morrison's childhood homes could someday be turned into a historical site. At least, that's what a group of fans is pushing for, the AP reports. The Doors' lead singer lived in Albuquerque from ages 12 to 14 while his dad worked at a local Air... More »

Marianne Faithfull: My Boyfriend Killed Doors' Jim Morrison

She says he supplied him with heroin that was too strong

(Newser) - The death of Doors frontman Jim Morrison at the age of 27 back in 1971 still has all kinds of conspiracy theories and weirdness connected to it, thanks to the lack of an autopsy. Doctors cited heart failure, and now former girlfriend Marianne Faithfull tells British music site Mojo that... More »

Extinct 'Lizard King' Named After Doors Singer

Jim Morrison honored with 'Barbaturex morrisoni'

(Newser) - Scientists recently found that a 6-foot, 60-pound lizard that lived 36 million to 40 million years ago was the largest plant-eating lizard ever to have walked the Earth, so they gave it a fitting moniker: Barbaturex morrisoni, a play on Jim Morrison's "Lizard King" alter ego. The lizard... More »

Florida to Wipe Jim Morrison's Indecent Exposure Conviction

Band members still insist he never showed anything

(Newser) - Jim Morrison was appealing his conviction for indecent exposure when he died in 1971. Nearly 40 years later, he'll finally get his wish: Florida Gov. Charlie Crist will pardon Morrison today, a day after the Doors singer would have turned 67. Surviving band members still insist Morrison never actually exposed... More »

Charlie Crist to Pardon Jim Morrison?

Door's open: 'anything possible' before Crist leaves office

(Newser) - His Senate bid may have failed, but outgoing Florida Gov. Charlie Crist may still make his mark ... on rock and roll history: He’s considering pardoning Jim Morrison for indecent exposure charges at a 1969 concert. “It's something I’m willing to look into in the time I have... More »

Jim Morrison Is Not in This Photo

Chalk up ghostly image to wishful thinking

(Newser) - Jim Morrison is still dead. Repeat: Still dead. Unfortunately, and just in time for Halloween, researchers in a new book assert that an old photo taken of a visitor to Morrison's grave does indeed show the singer's ghostly image rising, complains Lou Carlozo. These supposed experts rule out weird lighting... More »

Rock N' Roll's Worst Lyricists

Heavy-handed metaphors, Hallmark sentimentality and pompous mysticism about in these 40 icons of rotten rhymes

(Newser) - Just because you can play a guitar doesn't mean you know how to string a sentence together. Blender looks back at rock's cringe-worthy lyricists:
  1. Sting
  2. Neal Peart, Rush
  3. Scott Stapp, Creed
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Jim Morrison OD'd in Paris Club: Book

Drug dealers carried rocker's body to hotel, says French author

(Newser) - A former nightclub manager has reopened the mystery of cult rocker Jim Morrison's death 36 years ago at the age of 27. The official story is that the Doors legend died of a heart attack in a bath in his Paris hotel. But the manager insists in a new French... More »

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