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Maine City Throws Itself a T. Rex Party

T. Rex apparently likes to dance the Chicken

(Newser) - His name means "king of the tyrant lizards," but sometimes Tyrannosaurus rex just wants to party. Make that many T. rexes. Hundreds of curious people on Saturday descended on Monument Square in Portland, Maine, to observe a gathering of dinosaur lovers dressed as the science museum staple. There... More »

Maine Hit by Deadliest Fire in 30 Years

5 killed in blaze

(Newser) - Fire swept through a two-apartment building near the University of Southern Maine's commuter campus in Portland this morning, killing five people and critically injuring one, authorities say. The fire, which gutted the two-story structure, was reported at 7:17 am following a Halloween party the night before. "We... More »

Tsarnaev's Gun Linked to Maine Drug Gang Boss

Tale highlights Boston Marathon suspect's possible drug-dealing ties

(Newser) - It's still unclear how Tamerlan Tsarnaev obtained the gun he used to shoot officers after the Boston Marathon bombing—but the weapon's trail points to possible ties between Tsarnaev and gangs in Maine, the Los Angeles Times reports. Tsarnaev's involvement with Maine drug trafficking may have funded... More »

Is Google Building Floating Data Centers on Coasts?

Reports from San Francisco, Maine suggest so

(Newser) - A pair of secretive barges—one on the West Coast and the other on the East—is fueling speculation that Google is turning its theoretical idea of floating data centers into reality. The company isn't confirming anything, however. One of the mystery structures is being built on a barge... More »

Get Ready for the $40K Cocktail

It comes with a 4-carat ruby

(Newser) - Want to impress your date? How about a $40,000 drink? The Ruby Rose cocktail will be available starting in June at a Kennebunk, Maine, restaurant and inn. The secret ingredient: a 4-carat ruby. The idea was a guest's joke, but the White Barn Inn decided to take it... More »

Topless Protesters Take Over Maine Town

Maine demonstrators' wardrobes within state law

(Newser) - Topless protesters filled the streets of Farmington, Maine, today, agitating for an end to the double standard that says shirtless men are A-OK but shirtless women are scandalous. Fully clothed counterprotesters—one wielding a blanket—urged the demonstrators to cover up, but they're within the law, notes the Portland Press ... More »

Maine Topless Protesters Draw Oglers

Go figure

(Newser) - The ideal: A topless woman walking down a street on a hot day would arouse no more attention than a guy parading his beer gut and back hair for all the world to see. The reality: A few dozen Maine women yesterday flaunting their right to go sans shirt ran... More »

Chicago Suburb Tops Best Family Towns

Best spots to raise kids boast good schools, low crime

(Newser) - BusinessWeek has combed the US for the best places to raise a family and has come up with a Chicago suburb to top the rankings again. The rest of the list, based on factors that include education, crime rate, cultural vitality, and air quality, is broken down by state.... More »

In Uncertain Economy, Maine Lobstermen Stew

(Newser) - Maine lobster prices are uncharacteristically low, leaving the industry unsettled on the eve of the all-important summer tourist season, the Portland Press Herald reports. Wholesale prices are as low as $3.25, and retail prices start at $5.50. But some aren’t worried by the mercurial interplay of supply,... More »

Man Charged With Driving Zamboni Drunk

(Newser) - A Maine man has been charged with drunken driving after police found him, intoxicated, atop an idling Zamboni ice-resurfacer, the Portland Press Herald reports. The man was found inside a building that appeared to have been burglarized and damaged; he was also charged with criminal mischief, burglary, and a bail... More »

One-Man Beer Outfits Take Brewing Micro Indeed

Super-small operations cater to niches in US niche markets

(Newser) - Some so-called “microbreweries” have grown much too large to use that sobriquet, but as certain outfits outgrow the label, others are just growing into it. Portfolio's Lew Bryson introduces the future of beer: one-man brewing. In a market where once-boutique names like Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada now command... More »

Maine Middle School Offers Preteens the Pill

Parents OK health center visits, but care is confidential

(Newser) - A Portland, Maine, middle school stirred controversy last night when its board voted 5-2 to make birth control pills and patches available for its pupils, typically between 11 and 13 years old. The move was prompted by the school nurse's claim that five of 134 students treated by the health... More »

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