Black Power

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Wright Takes Cross Over Racial Divide

Rebel preacher aims to free gospel from 'whiteness'

(Newser) - Barack Obama pastor Jeremiah Wright built his Chicago church on black liberation theology, which directs Christianity at African Americans, Kelefa Sanneh writes in the New Yorker. The movement’s founder aimed to “emancipate the gospel from its ‘whiteness,’” but also from Frederick Douglass’ belief that antebellum... More »

Athletes Urged to Tackle China

New Republic wants sportsmen to condemn Olympic hosts

(Newser) - US athletes have a moral imperative to take a stand at the Beijing Olympics, the New Republic’s editors assert: The American delegation should follow Lee Bollinger’s example of “spectacular rudeness” next summer, condemning the Chinese for their brutal human rights record. It’s unethical to be hosted... More »

2 Stories