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Goldman Earnings Jump 91%

Meanwhile, British launch piggyback fraud investigation

(Newser) - Goldman Sachs earnings cruised past analysts' estimates to a whopping 91% gain in the first quarter, which might be great news if it didn't come while the bank is mired in fraud allegations. CEO Lloyd Blankfein seemed almost defensive, noting that the performance “reflects more signs of growth across... More »

Self-Serve Ads, Goods Work Well for Facebook

After missteps, Zuckerberg and co. have found some winning formulas

(Newser) - Reports on Facebook’s newly announced profitability have focused on a fixed deal with Microsoft that generates a large chunk of their income. But the site’s homegrown revenue sources—self-serve advertising and virtual gifts—shouldn’t be discounted, writes Bobbie Johnson for the Guardian. The personal information on Facebook... More »

Exxon Mobil Shatters Own Record With $14B Profit

Company earned $14.8B last quarter

(Newser) - Exxon Mobil breezed by its own record for the biggest quarterly profit for a US corporation, earning $14.83 billion in the third quarter. Bolstered by this summer's record crude prices, net income jumped nearly 58%, or $2.86 a share, for the world's largest publicly traded oil company. Exxon... More »

Why Yahoo Should Sell— Before Microsoft Wakes Up

Forget cash flow; think sale price

(Newser) - Yahoo needs to sell to Microsoft, or it’ll wind up a cautionary tale, writes Dennis Berman in the Wall Street Journal. Yahoo currently trades at 48 times earnings—for comparison, GE trades at 15 times earnings, and Google at 33, even though both are growing faster than Yahoo’s... More »

In Q1, Yahoo Beats Estimates

Positive numbers may translate into leverage against Microsoft

(Newser) - Yahoo posted an increase in net income and reported sales that beat estimates in the first quarter, the company reported today. The jump in profit to $542.2 million translates to 37 cents per share, up from 10 cents a share a year ago—a number reflecting a onetime $401... More »

eBay Profits Jump 22% Under New CEO

Site raises projected revenue to $9B, exceeds estimates

(Newser) - EBay's revenue soared 24% in the first quarter, the Wall Street Journal reports, with profits up 22%. Fueled by continued success with its online auction business and PayPal, its online-payment component, the company also raised its projected 2008 earnings to $8.7 billion to $9 billion, well beyond Wall Street... More »

Retailers Put Brakes on Expansion

As economy lags, big chains open fewer stores

(Newser) - America's biggest retailers are beginning to ease up on the construction of new stores, reversing the if-we-build-it-they-will-come trend of recent years, CNNMoney reports. Faced with decreasing sales in a slowing economy, chains such as Wal-Mart, Target, Starbucks, McDonald's, and Walgreen either have cut back on new stores or are considering... More »

Apple Fourth Quarter Swamps Wall Street Estimates

New Mac sales records lead earnings success

(Newser) - Apple reported yesterday that it dramatically outstripped estimates for fourth-quarter profits, news that bumped the company's stock up 6% in after-hours trading. Apple saw $6.22 billion in sales this quarter for earnings of $904 million ($1.01 per share), a 67% improvement over the same time last year. Analysts... More »

Google Search Finds $1B Profit

Massive boost in weakest quarter

(Newser) - Google's search for profit growth produced a 57% jump in revenue and a 46% increase in profits to $1B in the third quarter. The Wall Street Journal reports the boost in net income came from its core search-advertising business, as well as its brokering of ads that appear on partner... More »

9 Stories