Arthur C. Clarke

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NOTW 'Spiked Story' on Murdoch Pal's Pedophilia

Author Arthur C. Clarke: 'It is OK' when 'they have reached ... puberty'

(Newser) - The News of the World killed an exclusive story on science-fiction author Arthur C. Clarke's pedophilia because he was a friend of owner Rupert Murdoch, according to a new book. Graham Johnson, then reporting at the now-defunct newspaper, recounts in Hack how editors who normally outed pederasts made an... More »

Fun Facts About Apple

Computer giant's original logo featured Isaac Newton

(Newser) - Secretive , vengeful , and irresistible, Apple occupies a unique niche in technology and business. Some obscure facts about the company, courtesy of Mashable :
  • The Macintosh was named for a variety of real apple: "Steve Jobs is said to have tried to change the project’s name to 'Bicycle' while
... More »

Exploding Star Brightest Object Ever Seen

Brightest object ever observed by humans

(Newser) - Light from a star that exploded billions of years before the Earth was formed have been spotted by terrestrial astronomers, reports. The gamma-ray burst from halfway across the universe was the most distant object ever seen by the naked eye, and the brightest object ever observed by humans.... More »

Arthur C. Clarke Is Dead at 90

'2001' author shaped space-age thought

(Newser) - Arthur C. Clarke, the sci-fi author who helped shape 20th-century scientific imagination, is dead at 90, the New York Times reports. The co-creator of 2001: A Space Odyssey faced post-polio syndrome in recent decades and died at his home in Sri Lanka due to breathing trouble. “No one can... More »

4 Stories