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Man Tries Visiting Every Starbucks in the World

Software programmer wants to see them all

(Newser) - Hey, why not? A freelance software programmer has spent over $100,000 in an ongoing attempt to visit every Starbucks on the planet, the Telegraph reports. The notion came to Winter (formerly Rafael Lozano) as he sat in a Starbucks in Texas in 1997. "My original motive was simply... More »

Treat Your Marriage Like Software Code

Says David Auerbach, a married software engineer

(Newser) - No software code is free of bugs, and no marriage is free of hitches. Fortunately, in both cases, those issues can be addressed—using techniques that are surprisingly similar, writes David Auerbach at Slate . He should know: He's a software engineer, and so is his wife. A few of... More »

The Secret of Facebook's Hidden Code

'Konami code' also yields wonders on other sites around the web

(Newser) - For those who remember first-generation Nintendo cheats, the Internet has many surprises in store. Case in point: If you enter the “Konami code” that made, say, Contra remotely beatable—at least for this writer—on Facebook, photographic lens flares will accompany every click of the mouse. To try it,... More »

Web Game Nets Creator $1.5M

Players pay for extra points to commit murder, mayhem

(Newser) - An Internet crime game has earned its young creator nearly $1.5 miilion. Torn, a text-based game noir that lets players commit murder and mayhem, boasts some 41,000 active players and 1.3 million account holders worldwide. The game is free, but players can opt to pay $5 a... More »

'Hardware Hackers' Get Handy

Programmers leave screens for soldering irons

(Newser) - Seeking an escape from the confined world of their computer screens, programmers are applying their technological know-how to the physical world, building and tweaking an array of devices with their hands, the Boston Globe reports. “My normal job is way up in the clouds,” said a programmer at... More »

YouTube Opens to Developers

Expect more options for videos soon—including watching them on TiVo

(Newser) - YouTube is opening up to software developers, the company said Wednesday. Programmers can create new interfaces to play videos, for example, or let users upload clips to YouTube directly from other sites. And later this year, viewers will be able to watch YouTube videos via TiVo. The open platform won’... More »

Programmers Take on Rock Star Status

Competitions, money power coder boom

(Newser) - A growing number of computer programmers aren’t content to be anonymous code monkeys: Today’s most talented tech nerds are paid exorbitantly well to turn out brilliant code, and can even earn a small amount of fame doing it, ComputerWorld reports. “Some developers base their careers around eventually... More »

7 Stories