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Transgender Sportswriter's Suicide Leaves Questions

Why did Christine Daniels turn back into Mike Penner?

(Newser) - Mike Penner’s apparent suicide comes loaded with questions about the LA Times sportswriter’s experience living as a woman named Christine Daniels. Penner’s public revelation that he was transsexual and would transition to the Daniels identity was much celebrated—she even wrote a blog about the experience called... More »

Girl Talk from Transsexual Sports Columnist

Mike Penner returns as Christine Daniels

(Newser) - Mike Penner is back in business as a sports writer for the Los Angeles Times, but under a new byline: Christine Daniels. In an interview with NPR, Daniels talks about the decision to come out as a transsexual, the response she got after writing about it in her column in... More »

Male Sportswriter Switches Teams

Intrepid L.A. Times scribe describes his decision to change genders; promises he will still like football

(Newser) - A veteran Los Angeles Times sports columnist has announced to his readers that he's becoming a she. In lieu of his customary Mighty Ducks deconstruction, Mike Penner penned a poignant account of his lost overtime battle with his inner woman, and his ultimate decision to undergo a operation that will... More »

3 Stories