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Federal Judge Strikes Down Another State's Voting Restrictions

This time in Wisconsin

(Newser) - The same day a federal judge ruled North Carolina's voter ID law was racially discriminatory and unconstitutional, a federal judge made a similar ruling in Wisconsin. While he didn't strike down the state's entire 2011 voter ID law, Judge James Peterson did repeal big chunks of it,... More »

Court: NC Law Clearly Passed to Discriminate Against Black Voters

Federal court struck down the 2013 voter ID law on Friday

(Newser) - A restrictive 2013 North Carolina voter ID law was struck down for being passed with "racially discriminatory intent," Politico reports. Three federal appeals court judges ruled unanimously Friday that the law violated both the Constitution and the Voting Rights Act. Judge Diana Motz says North Carolina lawmakers passed... More »

Courts: Voters Don't Need ID at Wisconsin, Texas Polls

Critics say requiring ID now would 'virtually guarantee chaos at the polls'

(Newser) - Advocates of voter ID laws say they help address absentee voter issues; critics say the laws are discriminatory against poor, elderly, and minority voters. Two courts went with the nays last night in Wisconsin and Texas, blocking identification requirements at the polls that some say would have "virtually [guaranteed]... More »

Students: Voter ID Law Is 'Unconstitutional'

North Carolina hearing on voter ID law starts tomorrow

(Newser) - North Carolina's voter ID law isn't just wrong, it's unconstitutional: That novel argument will be heard this week at a hearing where students are joining the NAACP, ACLU, the Justice Department , and voter-registration advocates in a challenge against law HB 589, the New York Times reports. The... More »

Rand Paul Bucks GOP in Opposing Voter ID Laws

Says Republicans have gone 'crazy' on the issue

(Newser) - Rand Paul thinks Republicans are way off base in pushing voter ID laws , a stance that makes him the "most prominent member of his party" to come out against them, reports the New York Times . “Everybody’s gone completely crazy on this voter ID thing,” he tells... More »

Surprise: Turnout Up Despite Voter ID Law

Bryan Preston thinks Democrats' fears have been debunked

(Newser) - Democrats have been warning loudly of the dangers of Texas' voter ID law. But "if voter ID was intended to suppress votes, it is failing as spectacularly as," writes Bryan Preston at CNN . Texas uses its off-year elections to approve or reject certain constitutional amendments. In... More »

Texas Denies Former House Speaker a Voter ID

Jim Wright will be able to vote, says he worries about others

(Newser) - Texas' 2011 voter ID law has proved a hurdle for a longtime national political figure. Jim Wright, who briefly served as speaker of the US House in the late '80s, realized his expired driver's license and university faculty ID weren't enough to validate his ballot—so he... More »

Arizona, Kansas Create Federal-Only Class of Voters

Those who register with federal form can't vote in state, local elections

(Newser) - It sounds a little like whack-a-mole on voter ID laws: After the Supreme Court told Arizona it could no longer require proof of citizenship for voters in federal elections, the state plans to employ a work-around of sorts. The Arizona Republic calls it a "dual-track voting system" and the... More »

NC Voter ID Law Runs Into Roadblock: the DOJ

Eric Holder to announce lawsuit today: source

(Newser) - North Carolina passed a controversial voter ID law in July, but if the Department of Justice has its way, the law—said to be the most sweeping of its kind in the nation—may never be enforced. The DOJ will file suit against the state today, a source tells Politico... More »

Obama Administration Sues Texas Over Voter ID

They claim it violates the Voting Rights Act

(Newser) - The Justice Department intends to file a lawsuit against Texas over a voter ID law that it contends violates the 14th and 15th Amendments, along with what's left of the Voting Rights Act. The government will essentially argue that the ID law is intentionally attempting to restrict minority access... More »

Hillary Slams Voter ID Laws

Clinton gives a very candidate-sounding speech, say observers

(Newser) - The first speech by Hillary the 2016 candidate? The former secretary of state yesterday lit into voter ID laws springing up across the nation as well as the Supreme Court's decision in June to defang the Voting Rights Act, reports NBC News . The big quote in her speech to... More »

North Carolina Passes Voter ID, Abortion Bills

Both are already mired in controversy

(Newser) - Say this for North Carolina's legislature: It's not afraid of controversy. Fresh from approving a bill allowing guns on playgrounds and in bars , lawmakers last night finished off their legislative session by passing both a sweeping abortion bill and a contentious voter ID bill. Here's the skinny... More »

Texas Puts Voter ID in Effect After Supreme Court Ruling

Now that the Voting Rights Act can no longer stop it

(Newser) - Here's one tangible result from today's Supreme Court ruling that struck down a key part of the Voting Rights Act: Texas is going to require voters to have photo IDs "immediately," says state attorney general Greg Abbott. “Redistricting maps passed by the Legislature may also... More »

Supreme Court Kills Arizona 'Proof of Citizenship' Law

Justices say anti-immigrant measure interferes with federal law

(Newser) - The Supreme Court today struck down an Arizona law requiring people to show proof that they're US citizens in order to register to vote. In a 7-2 decision, the court ruled that the law, which was approved by voters as a ballot proposition, conflicted with a 1993 federal law... More »

Our Voting System Is a Joke

David Frum thinks it's time we created a credible, national system

(Newser) - When you vote today, you'll be doing it differently than your countrymen in other states. When the polls close, we'll wait hours to see who won. And we could have legal battles over how those polls were run—like those already unfolding in Florida . Yes, America has a... More »

Voters Form Long Lines Around the Country

Candidates cast their ballots, too

(Newser) - Americans flocked to the polls this morning, forming long lines in many places around the country. USA Today counted 75 people in line at one DC polling place. Here are some of the stories filtering in nationally:
  • Some problems have already cropped up in Virginia, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports. One
... More »

GOP Lawyer: New Yorker Ran 'Hit Piece' on Me

Hans von Spakovsky accuses journo of ignoring the facts

(Newser) - With election day looming, a Republican lawyer is accusing New Yorker writer Jane Mayer of penning "a journalistic hit piece" about his support for voter ID laws. Hans von Spakovsky accuses her of maligning his character and ignoring many instances of voter fraud in her article "The Voter-Fraud... More »

Supreme Court to Rule on Ariz. Voter Registration Law

Law requires would-be voters to prove their citizenship

(Newser) - The Supreme Court today agreed to consider reinstating a controversial Arizona law requiring people to prove they are US citizens before registering to vote. Lower court rulings rejected the law, saying that it was superseded by federal law, which requires voters to swear on the penalty of perjury that they... More »

Judge Torpedoes Tough Pennsylvania Voter ID Law

Orders it be postponed until after the election

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania judge today put the brakes on the state's controversial voter ID law, ordering that it not be implemented during this year's presidential election. While an appeal to the state Supreme Court is still possible, the AP notes that the judge's decision was based on high... More »

Fla. GOP Cans Firm Over Bogus Voter Registrations

Other voter ID problems cropping up in other swing states

(Newser) - Florida, no stranger to voting trouble, is home to a new controversy: The state's Republican Party last night fired Strategic Allied Consulting, a company it hired to register voters, after it turned in 106 suspicious and allegedly fraudulent voter registration applications. The firm appears to belong to Nathan Sproul,... More »

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