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US Move Against Chinese Smartphone Maker Cripples It

A global telecom equipment-maker has halted main business operations

(Newser) - In a move that is roiling the telecom industry worldwide, a global telecom equipment-maker has halted its main business operations. The announcement comes after ZTE, China’s second-largest telecom equipment company, was found by the US to have illegally shipped its products to Iran, per Reuters . In response, the US... More »

Trump Blocks Takeover of Qualcomm on Security Grounds

The White House says Broadcom's takeover of the chipmaker would present a risk to national security

(Newser) - President Donald Trump is blocking Singapore-based Broadcom's takeover of US chipmaker Qualcomm on national security grounds, the AP reports. The White House says Trump is taking the action on the recommendation of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, which reviews foreign purchases of US entities. Broadcom... More »

Plug Pulled on Potential Biggest Tech Deal Ever

Qualcomm rejects Broadcom's $103B offer

(Newser) - It would have been the largest tech acquisition ever, per CNBC , but Qualcomm is saying no thanks. It rejected an unsolicited, $103 billion offer from Broadcom, saying that the proposal is significantly undervalued and that a tie-up between the massive chipmakers would face substantial regulatory resistance. Further, Qualcomm said Monday... More »

2 of the World's Biggest Chipmakers May Merge

Broadcom offers $103B for Qualcomm

(Newser) - Broadcom made an unsolicited $103 billion offer for rival chipmaker Qualcomm, the tech industry's largest attempted takeover that is destined to come under intense regulatory scrutiny, the AP reports. The company said Monday that it wouldn't have pushed forward with the proposed buyout if it wasn't confident... More »

Boom in Netbook Sales Powers New Features

At CES, the line blurs between netbooks and laptops

(Newser) - An unexpected 10 million netbooks—scaled down, lower-priced laptops—were  sold in 2008, sending tech companies racing into the market, the Wall Street Journal reports. At this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, market segments like cell phones and PCs seem to be converging faster than ever as they try to... More »

Qualcomm Aims to Unseat Intel in Low-Power Chip Battle

Snapdragon may make Intel's Atom bomb

(Newser) - Qualcomm might be looking to unseat industry top dog Intel with its new Snapdragon chip—which uses half the power of Intel’s new Atom, will likely be cheaper, and is due out next year. As personal computers and mobile Internet devices continue to converge, the need for speed has... More »

AT&T Offers TV Phone Service

Mobile TV programming includes 10 channels, including ESPN, CBS, and CNN

(Newser) - After nearly a year-long delay, AT&T has jumped into the competition for TV viewers on the go. Beginning Sunday, the telecom will offer mobile TV service on two handsets, offering 10 channels of programming for $15 a month, reports the AP. AT&T will offer the service in Atlanta,... More »

Qualcomm Loses Patent Battle

Ordered to pull cellphone chips that infringe on rival's patents

(Newser) - A federal judge has ordered Qualcomm to pull off the market special feature cellphone chips that infringe on three Broadcom patents. Qualcomm can keep selling some of the chips for the next 13 months if it pays royalties to Broadcom, reports the Wall Street Journal. The ruling is the latest... More »

HP Earnings Spike 28%

The PC and server giant enjoys high sales, not affected by economic slump

(Newser) - Computer and printer giant Hewlett-Packard rode strong server, software, and PC sales to a 28% boost in fourth quarter earnings from a year ago, CNN Money reports. The company posted a net profit of $2.2 billion, with a share price of 81 cents, up from 60 cents a year... More »

Dow Sheds 223, Flirts With 13K

Retail hit hard as well

(Newser) - The Dow dove 223.55 today to 13,042.74, its lowest close in 2 months, as investors reacted to rough news about tech and retail stocks. The S&P 500 wrapped up its its worst 3-day fall since January 2003, losing 21.07 to close at 1,453.70,... More »

Legal Woes Haunt Qualcomm

Battles with Nokia and Broadcom take toll on stock despite record results

(Newser) - Qualcomm reported record sales and profits for its 2007 fiscal year, but if its executives thought that would please a jittery Wall Street, they were wrong, as shares fell in after hours trading. The Financial Times reports the company is in a long-running and costly multinational legal battle with Nokia,... More »

WiMax Gets Green Light from UN

Upstart wireless tech included in next generation standards

(Newser) - In a huge victory for Intel, the UN’s telecommunications agency yesterday gave WiMax a thumbs up, opening the way for member nations to devote public radio space to the upstart wireless internet technology. Intel lobbied hard for the WiMax, which can sling data 40 miles at up to 70... More »

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