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499 Students Were Headed to UC Irvine. Then, a Blow

They had their admissions rescinded in July

(Newser) - Admissions goofs are nothing new . Learning you've lost your admission in July is another matter. That's the situation with the University of California Irvine, which withdrew 499 offers of admission two months before the fall term is to begin. By the Los Angeles Times ' count, that's... More »

Ivy Applicants Coached to Be 'Less Asian'

Coaches help applicants beat 'bamboo ceiling' and get into elite colleges

(Newser) - Asian-American groups recently filed a federal complaint against Harvard, claiming the university holds Asian applicants to higher standards. But while that complaint is pending, the Boston Globe reports that breaking the "bamboo ceiling" is a thriving business, with coaches often advising applicants to appear, well … "less Asian,... More »

Stop Worrying About College Admissions

What an admissions committee decides doesn't define you: Frank Bruni

(Newser) - In the US, the college admissions process has become an obsession: where a young person gets into school—or doesn't—has become a hurtful determinant of one's value. It's "seen as the conclusive measure of a young person’s worth, an uncontestable harbinger of the accomplishments... More »

University to Rejected Students: 'Embrace the YES!'

Johns Hopkins apologizes to 294 students who received erroneous email

(Newser) - "Embrace the YES!" is the encouraging message sent over the weekend to college applicants who had recently been told … no. Hence the confusion at Johns Hopkins University, which on Sunday mistakenly sent a cheery email to 285 students who had already been denied admission, the Washington Post... More »

Every Student Fails Liberian College Admission Exam

Not 1 of the 25K who took University of Liberia exam passed

(Newser) - There will be no new students at the University of Liberia next year. That's because every single student who took the admission test—all 25,000 of them—failed the exam, the BBC reports. University spokesman Momodu Getaweh says the students were unenthusiastic and did not show an adequate... More »

Tina Fey's Admission Falls Flat

Dear applicant, every year we receive more movies than we can possibly see...

(Newser) - Paul Rudd, funny. Tina Fey, very funny. And director Paul Weitz has made some excellent comedies. But Weitz, Rudd, and Fey together in Admission? Not funny at all, according to the roundup of opinions on Rotten Tomatoes —just 43% fresh, with top critics giving it a rough 31%. Among... More »

Colleges Warm to Deals: Buy 7 Terms, Get One Free

Or, get $2.5K cash back if you apply now!

(Newser) - Purchasing a four-year college education is starting to sound a lot more like buying a car. Liberal arts schools throughout the country are offering new deals to win over families with less cash on hand, the Wall Street Journal reports. You might get $2,500 cash back if you apply... More »

China Family Sues Over Ivy League Promises

They paid $2.2M to education consultant

(Newser) - The Boston Globe picks up on a lawsuit that illustrates just how lucrative the growing field of "admissions-consulting" can be. Two parents from China paid $2.2 million over two years to a consultant who promised to help their two teenage sons get into Harvard. It didn't work,... More »

UCLA Congratulates 900 Applicants ... by Mistake

Then apologizes

(Newser) - Several hundred applicants were thrilled to read in a much-anticipated email from UCLA that they had been accepted by the prestigious university. Except they hadn't. It was all a mistake for 894 high school seniors who got the wrong notice. In fact, they're only wait-listed, they learned in... More »

The College Waitlist: You're Not Getting In

Cornell waitlisted 2,998 last year ... and took none of them

(Newser) - "Waitlisted" is basically a synonym for "rejected," at least according to the Wall Street Journal , which today takes a look at the likelihood of college applicants actually getting off the waitlist. Among its burst-your-bubble stats: Cornell ended up accepting a grand total of zero of the 2,... More »

California Court Upholds Affirmative Action Ban, Again

Challenge to voter-approved ban rejected

(Newser) - California's 16-year-old ban on affirmative action in the state university system has been reaffirmed by an appeals court. Proposition 209, which was passed by the state's voters in 1996 and upheld after a court challenge in 1997, bans public school from basing admissions on race or sex. Its... More »

Vassar Accidentally Accepts 76 Students It Rejected

'System error' gave false hope to rejected applicants

(Newser) - This weekend, for a few hours, 76 students thought they had been accepted to Vassar College—though, in reality, they had been rejected. The early-decision applicants saw the erroneous acceptance letter when checking their application statuses online; a placeholder "test letter" was mistakenly not replaced and was seen by... More »

We Need a for College Admissions

Our current system is badly outdated: Kevin Carey

(Newser) - It's time to bring the college admissions process into the modern age, writes Kevin Carey at the Atlantic . He doesn't mean the process by which elite students get into Ivy League schools—he means the real world, where the vast majority of students end up picking a school... More »

Racially Charged Bake Sale Sparks Student Outrage

UC Berkeley Republicans get snarky about student admissions

(Newser) - "White/Caucasian" pastries: $2. "Black/African American" pastries: 75 cents. "Native American" pastries: only a quarter. Such is the pricing scheme for a sarcastic "Increase Diversity Bake Sale" posted on Facebook by a Republican group at UC Berkeley, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . Planned for Tuesday, the sale... More »

Ivy League Offers False Hope to Kids It Won't Accept

Elite universities profit from acting interested in unqualified students

(Newser) - Ivy League schools cram high school students' mailboxes full with glossy recruitment packages, only to greet them weeks later with far less appealing rejection letters. Critics say elite universities like Harvard and Columbia set up potential applicants for disappointment by wooing them with pamphlets, posters, and promise, pocketing hefty application... More »

Students Blast 'Unfair' SAT Reality Show Question

'I guess the kids who watch crap TV did well'

(Newser) - High school students who studied instead of watching Jersey Shore say they've been left at a disadvantage by a question on the SAT college entrance exam. The students complain that the essay question, which deals with the nature of reality shows, assumes that all students have a television and watch... More »

Harvard Applications Up 50% in 4 Years

School sees 50% jump in applications over 4 years

(Newser) - Harvard has drawn 35,000 applications this year—a 15% increase over last year and a whopping 50% increase in four years. That means about 6% of Class of 2014 applicants will be admitted, compared to about 9% of Class of 2010 applicants. About one in 50 high school seniors... More »

College Waiting Lists Bigger Than Ever

Uncertain economy has schools, students hedging bets

(Newser) - The odds aren't looking good for the 3,382 high school seniors currently wait-listed by Duke—the college thinks it will probably end up taking only about 60 of them. Duke is far from the only college to dump record numbers of applicants into admissions purgatory this year, as economic... More »

9 Successes Who Were Rejected by Colleges

Don't worry, seniors: Ted Turner, Warren Buffett still made it

(Newser) - As high school seniors across the country anxiously wait for college acceptance—or rejection—letters, the Wall Street Journal offers a glimpse at a few success stories who received the dreaded thin envelope:
  • Warren Buffett: Though his rejection from Harvard Business School was “crushing” at the time, it “
... More »

High School Seniors: Skip College

Taking a year off makes sense for most

(Newser) - A private consultant who makes a living helping high school seniors get into college has some unexpected advice for them: Don't do it. Take at least a year off instead, writes Gwyeth T. Smith. Yes, the idea of the "gap year" has been around a while, but the lousy... More »

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