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Facebook Moves to Get Planet Earth Online

And using Facebook, presumably

(Newser) - Some 4 billion people on this planet do not have Internet access, so a group of tech giants has formed a partnership with the aim of finally connecting those unfortunates to the virtual world of cat GIFs and, ahem, witty news curation websites. Spearheaded by Facebook, the partnership, called Internet.... More »

Tech Giants Join Forces Against 'Patent Trolls'

Fear of lawsuits behind group effort to snap up intellectual property

(Newser) - Some of tech's biggest players are banding together to corner the market on patents key to their various businesses, the Wall Street Journal reports. Companies like Google and Verizon are afraid of being held hostage by small players with a claim on key bits of intellectual property, and wary of... More »

Ikea's Names Enrage Danes

Danish monikers on Swedish outfit's doormats, floor runners wound pride

(Newser) - Danes are hopping mad about a discovery that Swedish furniture giant Ikea uses Danish place names for its doormats and floor coverings, while reserving Swedish and Norwegian monikers for higher-end items, Der Spiegel reports. Some Danish academics argue that this reinforces Sweden’s perception of Denmark as a “doormat”... More »

In 'Smartphone Valley,' Telecom Boom Calls

Computing birthplace draws new industry to Californian shores

(Newser) - Silicon Valley is being reborn as a telecom hub, as phone companies jockey for computing technology and battle to compete with Apple and Google. Nokia, which opened a major research center in Palo Alto last year, has named its first Golden State-based technology chief. It's one of several firms rushing... More »

More Losses at Alcatel, and More Layoffs

French-American telecom giant still sputtering 18 months in

(Newser) - Alcatel-Lucent, the troubled Franco-American telecommunications company, announced yet more job cuts yesterday as the company posted its third consecutive quarterly loss. Alcatel had already planned to downsize by 12,500 employees, but another 4,000 will lose their jobs to reduce costs. 18 months after the French takeover of Lucent,... More »

Mergers Can't Keep Telecom From Free Fall

As multiple companies post losses, problems spread across sector

(Newser) - This quarter was supposed to see the start of a fightback for the beleaguered telecommunications industry. But the bad news keeps coming: Ericsson has warned investors to prepare for a sharp drop in profits, Nokia is still losing money and firing thousands of workers, and Alcatel-Lucent is already seeking a... More »

6 Stories