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Philly Skyscraper Hosts ... Giant Game of Pong

Science stunt helps kick off Tech Week

(Newser) - If anyone in downtown Philadelphia last night was wondering about that strangely familiar pattern of lights on the Cira Center, the AP has the answer: They were epic games of the classic Atari game Pong. The games played out via LED lights on the facade of the 29-story skyscraper, with... More »

30 Years Later, Pac-Man's Influence Endures

Arcade legend celebrates its birthday tomorrow

(Newser) - Today's teenage gamers probably aren't big on Pac-Man, but they might want to give thanks tomorrow as the arcade icon turns 30, writes Daniel Terdiman for CNET . It just may be the most influential video game of all time. Yeah, titles like Pong came first, but Pac-Man, with its deceptive... More »

'Pong' Inventor Muses on Gaming

(Newser) - Nolan Bushnell, often called the father of electronic games, is still masterminding new ways  to mix technology and entertainment, Electronic Design reports. Fusing his experiences as the inventor of Pong and founder of both Atari and Chuck E. Cheese restaurants, Bushnell has created uWink, a family restaurant where the tables... More »

3 Stories